The New PNSO Spinosaurus Model – Video Review

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Everything Dinosaur team members have produced a short, informative YouTube video review of the new PNSO Spinosaurus model.  This video provides viewers with plenty of opportunity to view the Spinosaurus figure.  In addition, the narrator summarises some of the recent research that led PNSO to revamp their Spinosaurus.

Aymen the PNSO Spinosaurus Video Review


Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

The video is under six minutes in length (duration 5:47).  The first part of the video introduces the PNSO Aymen the Spinosaurus figure, whilst the bulk of the remainder of the recording examines some of the findings from recently published scientific papers.

PNSO Aymen the Spinosaurus.

Striding across the landscape but with water close by, the new for 2024 Aymen the PNSO Spinosaurus dinosaur model.

A Model Range that Reflects Changes in the Spinosauridae

The PNSO range of prehistoric animal figures includes several examples of spinosaurids.  Most of the spinosaurid figures the company has produced to date represent the giant Spinosaurus aegyptiacus.  However, PNSO did introduce a model of the controversial spinosaur Sinopliosaurus in 2022.

PNSO Deinocheirus and Sinopliosaurus

The two, new for 2022 PNSO model arrivals (early November 2022), the PNSO Jacques the Deinocheirus (top) and (bottom) the Chongzuo the Sinopliosaurus figure. The free Sinopliosaurus fact sheet can be seen underneath the boxes. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Spinosaurus Video Script

Details of the script will be published in a separate blog post.  However, the YouTube video has been divided into useful and helpful chapters.  These are listed below:

Video Contents:

  • A new Spinosaurus model – the Aymen the Spinosaurus figure is introduced.
  • The PNSO Spinosaurus – overview of the model.
  • Subscribe request.
  • The science behind Spinosaurus – starting with the 2014 scientific paper (Ibrahim et al).
  • A “River Monster”!  A quick review of the 2020 study (Ibrahim et al) that reported on Spinosaurus caudal vertebrae.
  • Was Spinosaurus aquatic?  An examination of the question as to whether Spinosaurus aegyptiacus was aquatic, semiaquatic or mainly terrestrial.

Aymen the PNSO Spinosaurus reflects some of the latest scientific research.

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