Haolonggood to Introduce New Chasmosaurus Models

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Haolonggood intends to introduce two new Chasmosaurus models. These horned dinosaur figures are expected in stock at Everything Dinosaur later in the spring. This manufacturer intends to continue to produce ceratopsian models. Recently, the company added Kosmoceratops, Sinoceratops and Nasutoceratops to their growing model range. As with other Haolonggood figures, the Chasmosaurus replicas will be available in a choice of two colour schemes.

A Haolonggood Chasmosaurus model.

Haolonggood will continue the trend of producing ceratopsian figures with the addition of a pair of Chasmosaurus models.

As with other Haolonggood figures, two colour variants of Chasmosaurus will be offered.  There will be a green-coloured version and another Chasmosaurus with a reddish/brown colour scheme.  Both figures will be in stock at Everything Dinosaur probably later this spring.

Two Haolonggood Chasmosaurus models.

As with other Haolonggood figures the Chasmosaurus will be available in a choice of two colours.

Haolonggood Chasmosaurus Models

The taxon Chasmosaurus (C. belli) was erected in 1902 (Lawrence Lambe). Fossil material associated with this genus heralds from the Dinosaur Provincial Park Formation in Alberta (Canada). Specimens show a wide variety of morphological variation in the skull. This has led to confusion over the taxonomic placement of a number of fossil specimens. They could represent examples of Chasmosaurus or perhaps other, related ceratopsians such as Mojoceratops.

Chasmosaurus illustration.

“Chasm Lizard” an illustration of Chasmosaurus belli. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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Excellent Dinosaur Models

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented that Haolonggood had only been making this range of figures since 2020.  The company has added a variety or ornithischian figures including hadrosaurs and ceratopsians.  In terms of horned dinosaurs, Haolonggood had added several figures including Kosmoceratops and Pachyrhinosaurus.  However, the company had yet to add a replica of Triceratops (T. horridus) to this range.

The spokesperson added:

“Currently, we have five different Haolonggood ceratopsian figures in stock.  When we get the Chasmosaurus, this will make it six.  Each dinosaur is supplied in two, contrasting colour schemes.”

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