A New PNSO Lufengosaurus Dinosaur Model

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Everything Dinosaur will be stocking the new for 2024 PNSO Lufengosaurus dinosaur model.  This model is due to arrive at the company’s warehouse in a few weeks.  The figure, entitled Yiran the Lufengosaurus, demonstrates how far the company has come since their first Lufengosaurus model was introduced.

PNSO Lufengosaurus dinosaur model.

The new for 2024 PNSO Yiran the Lufengosaurus figure.

PNSO Lufengosaurus Dinosaur Model

The new Lufengosaurus figure has been beautifully painted.  Everything Dinosaur has worked with PNSO for many years and ironically, one of the first dinosaur models that PNSO produced was a Lufengosaurus.  The original model was depicted as a quadruped.  However, most palaeontologists consider Lufengosaurus (L. huenei) to have walked on its hind legs for most of the time.  The forelimbs are considerably shorter when compared to the length of this dinosaur’s legs.  In addition, the long neck and widely spaced, peg-like teeth in the jaw suggest that this dinosaur browsed on the branches of trees.

PNSO Lufengosaurus replica.

The PNSO Lufengosaurus dinosaur model.  The original PNSO Lufengosaurus figure depicted this sauropodomorph as a quadruped, however, most palaeontologists consider Lufengosaurus huenei to have been a biped.

Model Measurements

The new Lufengosaurus figure has already been praised by dinosaur model collectors.  The model measures around twenty-five cm long and it stands nearly eleven centimetres tall.  Although know from dozens of fossil specimens, how big Lufengosaurus huenei was remains uncertain.  It could have measured more than nine metres in length.  However, many vertebrate palaeontologists consider the more conservative body length of six metres more likely.  Based on a six-metre-long animal, this new PNSO Lufengosaurus is in approximately 1:24 scale.  If Lufengosaurus did reach a length of nine metres, this figure would be in approximately 1:36 scale.

PNSO Lufengosaurus dinosaur model measurements.

The new Lufengosaurus model measures 25 cm long.

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A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur stated that the new Lufengosaurus model was included in the next shipment of PNSO models and figures.  Whilst a definitive delivery date could not be given at this stage, it was likely that the Lufengosaurus would be in stock in about five to six weeks.

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