New PNSO Dinosaur Models in Stock

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Two new for 2024 PNSO dinosaur models have arrived at Everything Dinosaur’s warehouse. Aymen the Spinosaurus and Zabad the Edmontosaurus models are now in stock. Team members have been busy contacting all those customers who asked to be informed about the figures.

PNSO dinosaur models (Spinosaurus and Edmontosaurus)
The latest PNSO model shipment is unloaded at Everything Dinosaur’s warehouse. The delivery contained the new for 2024 Zabad the Edmontosaurus and Aymen the Spinosaurus. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

PNSO Dinosaur Models – Edmontosaurus and Spinosaurus

The PNSO Edmontosaurus sports a colourful crest and has been beautifully painted. Edmontosaurus species were generally larger than previously perceived. For example, fully-grown Edmontosaurus annectens were longer than an adult Tyrannosaurus rex. The PNSO Edmontosaurus figure is a somewhat more modest size. However, it does measure over thirty-two centimetres long.

The Aymen the Spinosaurus figure is even larger. It measures an impressive thirty-two and half centimetres and it stands fourteen centimetres high. It has a declared scale of 1:35.

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PNSO dinosaur models (Aymen and Zabad).
Two new for 2024 PNSO dinosaur models, Zabad the Edmontosaurus (top) and Aymen the new Spinosaurus (bottom). Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Two Superb Cretaceous Dinosaur Figures

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur praised the two new PNSO dinosaur models and stated:

“These two dinosaur models are great! We know that model collectors have been keen to get their hands on these two superb Cretaceous dinosaur figures.”

Take a look at the Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.