The New CollectA Polacanthus and the Sacral Shield

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The CollectA Polacanthus model will be in stock at Everything Dinosaur soon. Only one species is currently assigned to this genus (P. foxii). In the past, several species were erected. However, a formal review of armoured dinosaur fossils associated with the Wealden Group (Raven et al 2020) clarified the placement of ankylosaurian fossil material. Much of the fossil material has now been assigned to other taxa or declared too indistinct to be confidently assigned at the genus level.

The 2024 CollectA Polacanthus Model

The new for 2024 CollectA Polacanthus figure reflects the recent review of the British Wealden Group ankylosaurs. It represents the very latest scientific interpretation of this iconic dinosaur which was named in 1865.

CollectA Deluxe Polacanthus..
The Polacanthus figure shows countershading on the underside and the design team have moved away from the typical brown and rust red colouration associated with the Ankylosauria. This figure reflects some of the latest scientific thinking concerning this taxon. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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The Polacanthus Sacral Shield

This dinosaur is famous for its shield of armour located over the hips. This is referred to as the sacral shield or sometimes the pelvic shield. In the holotype the sacral shield measures 108 cm in length. It is approximately 90 cm wide. Most descriptions of the raised bosses and dermal armour associated with the sacral shield refer to four rows of osteoderms on each side of this pelvic shield. These features do not seem to be present in the holotype fossil material.

The sacral shield on the new CollectA Polacanthus does reflect quite accurately the holotype material. For example, the largest bosses associated with the sacral shield of Polacanthus foxii are located in the corners at the distal end of the shield. These large bosses have been reproduced in the new CollectA figure.

CollectA Deluxe Polacanthus model in dorsal view.
A prototype figure photographed in dorsal view to show the detailed armour and the bosses on the sacral shield. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur explained:

“The sacral shield on the CollectA Polacanthus model does reflect the morphology of the holotype. The bosses and osteoderms present on the sacral shield of the model follow the layout as depicted in the 19th century lithographs. In addition, we think that CollectA were given access to additional images of the actual fossils. This helped the design team to recreate the model with a high degree of accuracy.”

The CollectA Polacanthus model in 1:20 scale is due to arrive at Everything Dinosaur later this year.

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