PNSO Aymen the Spinosaurus Video Review

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Everything Dinosaur will be posting up shortly onto the company’s YouTube channel a brief video review of the PNSO Aymen the Spinosaurus dinosaur model.  In the video, we shall take a close look at this new Spinosaurus figure.  In addition, we will be summarising some of the recent research on this remarkable theropod.

Aymen the Spinosaurus video titles.

Everything Dinosaur intends to post up a short YouTube video highlighting the new PNSO Aymen the Spinosaurus figure and discussing some of the recent scientific papers published on Spinosaurus aegyptiacus and its near relatives. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The PNSO Aymen the Spinosaurus Figure

The PNSO Aymen the Spinosaurus figure is supplied with a replica of a Spinosaurus skull.  Inside the packaging, customers will find a forty-eight-page, colour booklet and twenty Spinosaurus posters.

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This spectacular Spinosaurus is also supplied with a clear, plastic support stand.

Aymen the Spinosaurus is supplied with a transparent support stand.

The new Aymen the Spinosaurus is supplied with a transparent support stand. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Scientific Papers and Published Research

Spinosaurus aegyptiacus has been the subject of increased scrutiny over the last decade or so.  The debate regarding the lifestyle and the behaviour of this carnivorous dinosaur has been intense.  Palaeontologists are divided as to whether Spinosaurus was an aquatic animal, mainly terrestrial or perhaps semiaquatic.  It possesses several characteristics that suggest adaptations for life in the water.  However, whether this animal could dive and remain submerged remains controversial.  Indeed, papers have been published which conclude that Spinosaurus would have been unstable in water.  Its unusual body shape and huge dorsal fin could impede this animal’s ability to stay upright when it was swimming.

The Everything Dinosaur Aymen the Spinosaurus YouTube video summarises some of the scientific papers.  It is likely that the Spinosaurus lifestyle debate will continue indefinitely.  The absence of articulated fossil specimens hampers research.

The Everything Dinosaur YouTube channel: Everything Dinosaur’s YouTube Channel.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented that the video will show the new Spinosaurus figure.  The video would also provide a summary of the research over the last ten years.

The spokesperson added:

“Our plan is to provide a brief overview of the recent scientific papers.  We intend to outline the findings of some of the studies that have been undertaken following the influential 2014 paper by Ibrahim et al published in the journal Science.”

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