Our thanks to editor Mike Fredericks who sent to Everything Dinosaur the artwork for the next edition of “Prehistoric Times” magazine. This quarterly magazine is famed for its beautiful cover art. Many noteworthy palaeoartists have contributed over the years. The front cover artwork for issue 149 is no exception. The illustration featuring Styracosaurus albertensis is stunning!

We look forward to reading about the artist behind this remarkable image when issue 149 arrives.

The front cover artwork for "Prehistoric Times" issue 149.
The front cover artwork for “Prehistoric Times” issue 149 (Spring 2024).

Picture credit: Mike Fredericks

“Prehistoric Times” Magazine

The spring issue (149) will feature an in-depth interview with palaeontologist Jordan Mallon. Dr Mallon is based at the Canadian Museum of Nature (Ottawa, Canada). He specialises in studying dinosaur ecology and has been involved in the naming and scientific description of several fossil species, including a horned dinosaur – Spiclypeus shipporum. Although both members of the Ceratopsia clade and contemporary, Styracosaurus and Spiclypeus were not closely related. The centrosaurine Styracosaurus albertensis is known from the Dinosaur Provincial Park Formation of Alberta, (Canada). In contrast, the chasmosaurine Spiclypeus shipporum is known from the Judith River Formation of Montana (United States).

Beasts of the Mesozoic Spiclypeus shipporum.
A replica of the horned dinosaur named by Mallon et al (2016). The Beasts of the Mesozoic Spiclypeus shipporum in lateral view.

The model (above) is the articulated Spiclypeus shipporum in the Beasts of the Mesozoic series.

To view the Beasts of the Mesozoic model range: Beasts of the Mesozoic Prehistoric Animal Models.

The Pterosaur Tapejara

The other prehistoric animal to be featured in the spring edition is the pterosaur Tapejara. Readers can expect a comprehensive profile of this Early Cretaceous flying reptile. Tapejara is famed for its huge head crest. We are looking forward to viewing all the reader submitted artwork illustrating this spectacular member of the Pterosauria.

In addition, details will be provided of new books chronicling the life and work of the influential Czech artist Zdeněk Burian. Issue 149 will also feature the latest instalment of the excellent series penned by Jon Lavas discussing the artwork of Burian.  Jon contacted us to let us know that the next instalment covers South American ungulates but Burian did not actually do any formal paintings of these. Instead, Jon has used some of his own illustrations for the article. However, Burian’s artwork will continue in issue 150.

The work of English palaeoartist Bob Nicholls is also featured. Bob illustrated the wonderful “Dinosaur Behavior” which was launched late last year. This excellent dinosaur book was written by Professor Mike Benton (University of Bristol). Published by Princeton University Press “Dinosaur Behavior” is a beautifully illustrated and highly informative guide to the Dinosauria.

"Dinosaur Behavior" front cover.
The front cover of the recently launched dinosaur book “Dinosaur Behavior” by Professor Michael J. Benton and illustrated by Bob Nicholls. It will feature in issue 149 of “Prehistoric Times” magazine. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Spring Issue of “Prehistoric Times” Coming Soon

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur explained that they were looking forward to reading the next edition of “Prehistoric Times”.

The spokesperson added:

“This magazine is an institution! It contains well-written articles featuring leading academics and scientists along with fabulous profiles of prehistoric animals and updates on fossil discoveries as well as model collecting. The artwork submitted by readers is amazing!”

To learn more about “Prehistoric Times” magazine and to subscribe: “Prehistoric Times” Magazine.

To read Everything Dinosaur’s blog post from May 2020 about the scientific description of Spiclypeus shipporum: New Spiked-shield Horned Dinosaur from Montana.