Recently, Everything Dinosaur received a copy of “Carnian Street” the first novel by aspiring author David McGowen. The book focuses on the life of Emily, a college student in the gritty, run-down fictional Yorkshire city of Thewlington. Tired of the childish antics of her peers, Emily yearns for something better. She wants to explore, to travel and to experience what the world, present and past has to offer.

The author draws on his own experiences of having lived in Leeds, attended art college and having been born in Thailand to weave an intriguing storyline that traces Emily’s development away from her dysfunctional surroundings to that of a confident young woman.

"Carnian Street" front cover.
The front cover of “Carnian Street” by David McGowen. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

“Carnian Street”

With a title referencing a stage within the Late Triassic, readers can expect plenty of prehistoric animal encounters. The author is a fan of dinosaurs, however, the Dinosauria does not dominate the dialogue. This said, Baryonyx and a pair of Eotyrannus do make an appearance along with other fauna associated with the Wealden Formation. Inspired by one of the many enigmatic characters in this intriguing book Emily attempts to draw a Stegosaurus. An encounter is described in which this famous armoured dinosaur looks on whilst a kebab is consumed.

Readers are transported back in time to explore ancient landscapes and marine environments. Megalodon features along with fearsome toothed birds. The author drawing on his own imagination to populate the prehistoric landscape with bizarre and colourful creatures.

Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon Encounters

The harsh and brutal life on the long submerged Doggerland habitat is highlighted. The struggles for existence of our ancestors documented in visceral detail. The novel is aimed at a mature audience. It deals with adult themes. Strong language is used throughout the book and some of the dialect can best be described as “earthy”. It is suitable for ages fifteen and over.

“Carnian Street” is an imaginative composition. We suspect that nothing quite like it has been placed on bookshelves for a long while.

Book Details – “Carnian Street”

Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishers

Published August 2023 | Price: £13.99/€15.95 | Pages: 405
6 plus| Paperback | ISBN: 9781398474031
Also available as an E-book.

Visit the website of Austin Macauley Publishers: Austin Macauley Publishers. Search on the website for “Carnian Street” to find the book.