Suskityrannus hazelae illustrated as preparations are made for the arrival of Wave 2 of the Beasts of the Mesozoic tyrannosaur figures. Team members have ensured that this early Late Cretaceous tyrannosauroid has been illustrated as the fact sheet for this new figure is being written.

Suskityrannus hazelae illustrated
An illustration of Suskityrannus hazelae in preparation for the next wave of Beasts of the Mesozoic theropod figures.

The Suskityrannus hazelae drawing will be converted into a scale drawing. This illustration will be incorporated into a fact sheet on this small theropod dinosaur.

The next shipment of Beasts of the Mesozoic articulated figures is expected to dock at Felixstowe at the end of July. The shipment will contain other, new Wave 2 theropods such as Proceratosaurus, Qianzhousaurus and Lythronax.

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Suskityrannus hazelae

Named and described in 2019 (Nesbitt et al), this dinosaur is known from two fossil specimens. The fossils come from the Moreno Hill Formation of the Zuni Basin in New Mexico. The deposits associated with the tyrannosauroid fossils have been dated to around 92 million years ago.

To read the Everything Dinosaur blog post that covered the formal scientific description of S. hazelae: Suskityrannus hazelae A Late Cretaceous Tyrannosauroid from New Mexico.

Although known from fossil material representing juveniles, palaeontologists were able to make some startling conclusions. Suskityrannus hazelae, had the same general body shape and feet adapted to running (arctometatarsalian feet), as the later, much larger tyrannosaurs such as Albertosaurus, Gorgosaurus and Tyrannosaurus rex.

Suskityrannus hazelae Illustrated

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“The Suskityrannus illustration is one of three new drawings that we have commissioned. These drawings will be used in the prehistoric animal fact sheets that we intend to write. Fact sheets are sent out with sales of prehistoric animal and dinosaur figures.”

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