An Amazing Rajasaurus Drawing

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Our thanks to young artist Caldey who sent into Everything Dinosaur a beautiful Rajasaurus drawing inspired by this dinosaur’s appearance in a television series. The theropod Rajasaurus appeared in series two of the award-winning “Prehistoric Planet”. In an episode entitled “Badlands” (episode 2 of series 2), Rajasaurus is depicted feasting on recently hatched titanosaurs.

Rajasaurus illustrated
The stunning illustration of the abelisaurid from India known as Rajasaurus. Picture credit: Caldey.

Picture credit: Caldey

Rajasaurus Hunting Isisaurus Hatchlings

In a dramatic scene from the television series Rajasaurus is depicted hunting some recently hatched Isisaurus. The scientists advising the production company proposed that large titanosaurs such as Isisaurus laid their eggs in old lava flows associated with the extensive Deccan Traps. The warm ground would have helped to incubate the eggs. However, when the eggs hatched, the baby Isisaurus would have made an excellent snack for a hungry abelisaurid.

To avoid being eaten, baby Isisaurus hide amongst the many cracks and gullies in the rocky surface.

Rajasaurus (R. narmadensis) was named and scientifically described in 2003.

Scale drawing of Rajasaurus.
Probably an apex predator in its environment. Although recent research has suggested that this abelisaurid did not reach lengths of around 11 metres. A study into abelisaurid body size published in 2016 (Grillo and Delcourt) suggested a body length of approximately 6.6 metres. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The image (above) shows a scale drawing of R. narmadensis.

Fossils of both Rajasaurus and Isisaurus are known from the Upper Cretaceous Lameta Formation of India. These dinosaurs lived at the end of the Mesozoic (Maastrichtian faunal stage). Numerous dinosaur taxa and other vertebrates have been named and described from fossils found in these deposits.

Rajasaurus Drawing

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur congratulated Caldey on her artwork and commented:

“It is a superb dinosaur illustration. Caldey has taken great care to observe Rajasaurus as it was depicted in the television series. She has accurately reproduced the detailed skin texture and the body proportions of this Late Cretaceous predator.”

On thanks to Caldey for sharing her dinosaur illustration with us.