Schleich Quetzalcoatlus Wings an Exclusive Video

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Everything Dinosaur will post up in the near future a brief video that demonstrates how the new for 2023 Schleich Quetzalcoatlus wings work. Our plan is to produce a video short. It will be around 45 seconds long and the video will show how the Schleich Quetzalcoatlus can be posed either flying or resting.

The Schleich Quetzalcoatlus model
Everything Dinosaur has created a short video highlighting how the articulated wings on the new for 2023 Schleich Quetzalcoatlus function. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Schleich Quetzalcoatlus Wings

The new Schleich Quetzalcoatlus pterosaur model has jointed wings. There is a joint at each shoulder and a second joint where the manus (hand) on the pterosaur would have been. This permits collectors and fans of prehistoric animals to change the pose of their Quetzalcoatlus figure.

To view the range of Schleich figures and prehistoric animal models available from Everything Dinosaur: Schleich Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animal Figures.

Schleich Quetzalcoatlus.
The Schleich Quetzalcoatlus figure has jointed wings. The model can be displayed flying or in a resting pose.

Everything Dinosaur on YouTube

The video will be posted up on Everything Dinosaur’s YouTube channel in the next few days.

Visit the YouTube channel of Everything Dinosaur: Everything Dinosaur on YouTube.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“Schleich is not known for producing highly accurate figures. Their target market is young fans of prehistoric animals and dinosaurs. The company has taken a novel approach to this pterosaur model and we congratulate the design team for their innovative design.”

Schleich Quetzalcoatlus model.
The new for 2023 Schleich Quetzalcoatlus pterosaur model. This cleverly designed figure has articulated wings so that they can be folded permitting the flying reptile to be posed in a resting position. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Schleich model range consists of a wider selection of prehistoric animal figures. A further five new dinosaur models were added to this range at the beginning of the year. The models are hand-painted and great for robust, creative play. Many of the models have points of articulation. This is the first Schleich Quetzalcoatlus model to have articulated wings.

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