“Humans – Perspectives on our Evolution from World Experts”

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How did our species evolve? What does our evolutionary history tell us about being human? These questions and many more are posed in a fascinating new book edited by a leading researcher at the American Museum of Natural History. Entitled “Humans Perspectives on our Evolution from World Experts”, this new publication provides an insightful analysis into the origins and the future of our species.

Research scientist Sergio Almécija has compiled an eminent list of contributors. These experts, drawn from a variety of academic fields, share their insights on the study of human evolution. Leading figures in palaeontology, primatology, archaeology, genetics and anthropology reflect on some of the most profound questions centred around being human.

"Humans - Perspectives on our Evolution".
The front cover of the recently published book “Humans – Perspectives on our Evolution from World Experts”. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Evolution of Homo sapiens

Sergio Almécija has been fascinated by the multiple narratives surrounding our origins, behaviours and the prospects for our future. He has taken an innovative approach to his subject. A list of questions was compiled and then he contacted leading academics and researchers and recorded their thoughts.

Some of the questions included are:

  • Which discovery, research study, or book would you highlight as a “game changer” in the way we look at our own evolution? How did it influence your career or life?
  • If you had a one-shot round trip in a time machine, to which specific time period—past or future—would you go and why?
  • What will be shaping human evolution in the future? What will humans look like in 100, 100,000, or 1 million years?
Perspectives on our evolution.
How did our species evolve? Why us and not other hominids? What does it mean to be human? A new book examining human evolution with contributions from over a hundred leading academics and experts. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Perspectives on our Evolution

The eminent and accomplished cast of contributors to this new book includes Kay Behrensmeyer, Frans de Waal, Nina Jablonski, Mike Benton, Richard Leakey, Robert Sapolsky, and Ian Tattersall. In total, there are contributions from over a hundred distinguished scientists and researchers.

Published by Columbia University Press, “Humans Perspectives on our Evolution from World Experts”, is a remarkable book. It has been designed to permit the reader to dip in and out of it, to explore a variety of topics and to gain fresh insights and perspectives.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“Highly respected researchers at the very top of their game provide an insightful and informative examination of what it is like to be human. It is a very fitting compendium that caters for an essential human characteristic – our curiosity.”

“Humans Perspectives on our Evolution from World Experts” – The Details

Published by Columbia University Press.
Available in both paperback, e-book and hardcover.
ISBN (Paperback) = 9780231201216.
Pages = 520.

Visit the website of Columbia University Press here: Columbia University Press.

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Contributors opine on the fundamental relationship our species has with the natural world and remark upon the key moments in time that have driven human evolution. In addition, many contributors provide invaluable advice for those members of our species considering embarking on similar careers.

The Everything Dinosaur spokesperson added:

“This book allows the reader to explore a cornucopia of ideas about humanity, our past, present and future. It is an engaging publication, a book that will leave you with a deep sense of wonder.”