Three New PNSO Tyrannosaurs

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The latest Everything Dinosaur YouTube video features three PNSO tyrannosaurs. We make a short announcement confirming three, new for 2023 PNSO theropod figures are in stock. The video features Keynes the Lythronax and Cole the Daspletosaurus. The new T. rex figure Cameron also makes a brief appearance.

Three new PNSO tyrannosaur models in stock at Everything Dinosaur. Keynes the Lythronax, Cole the Daspletosaurus and Cameron the new T. rex figure in 1:35 scale complete with model T. rex skull. Video credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Geological Age of the Three PNSO Tyrannosaurs

In this short video (less than a minute in length), we confirm that all three tyrannosaur figures are in stock. The product packaging is shown, and this helps viewers estimate the size of the models. Cameron the Tyrannosaurus rex is the largest. It is a 1/35th scale figure. PNSO has not declared a scale for the Daspletosaurus or the Lythronax.

Three PNSO tyrannosaurs in stock.
Viewers can get an appreciation of the size of the model by looking at the packaging. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

In our pre-posting discussions with customers, we promised to add details about the dinosaur’s geological age in the video description. Although all three figures represent Late Cretaceous, North American tyrannosaurs, these dinosaurs lived at different times.

  • Lythronax (L. argestes) known from the Wahweap Formation (Utah) – early Campanian faunal stage of the Late Cretaceous (81.9 mya to 81.5 mya) the geologically oldest of the trio.
  • Daspletosaurus spp. known from several geological formations (northern United States and southern Canada) – middle Campanian faunal stage of the Late Cretaceous (77 mya to 75 mya).
  • Tyrannosaurus rex known from several formations (USA and Canada) – latest Maastrichtian faunal stage of the Late Cretaceous (68 mya to 66 mya) the geologically youngest of the three tyrannosaurs.


mya = million years ago

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The Tyrannosaurinae

Daspletosaurus, Lythronax and T. rex are classified into the same tyrannosaurid subfamily, the Tyrannosaurinae. Lythronax is the geologically oldest member of the Tyrannosaurinae, whilst Tyrannosaurus rex is one of youngest.

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