A Happy Triceratops

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Whilst looking through their archive of school photographs, team members spotted a happy Triceratops. The artwork was on one of the gates at Thorpe Hesley Primary. Everything Dinosaur visited this school in May 2017. Children at the school were studying dinosaurs, rocks and fossils. Everything Dinosaur was invited to visit and to provide teaching support.

A happy Triceratops artwork
A friendly dinosaur is featured in the school artwork. A happy Triceratops to greet schoolchildren. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Happy Triceratops Artwork

The very friendly and happy horned dinosaur stands guard at one of the school gates. The Triceratops welcomes the children and visitors. Our congratulations to the artist for creating such a colourful piece of dinosaur-themed art.

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