The latest edition of the publication for dinosaur fans and model collectors “Prehistoric Times” magazine has arrived at Everything Dinosaur’s offices. It is time to review issue 145 (spring 2023) and what a jam-packed edition it is. The stunning front cover artwork was produced by Kurt Miller. It features a Kelenken “Terror Bird” battling a Smilodon.

Kelenken is featured in the magazine along with an article on the remarkable Hypsilophodon. Both pieces are penned by Phil Hore (a little assistance from Gary Vecchiarelli with the hypsilophodontid article).

Prehistoric Times magazine issue 145
The front cover of Prehistoric Times magazine issue 145 (Spring 2023). Picture credit: Mike Fredericks.

From Feathers to Scales

The regular Tracy Lee Ford section – “How to Draw Dinosaurs”, switches its focus away from feathers and takes a look at different types of dinosaur scale. In contrast, the long-running review of Zdeněk Burian’s contribution to palaeoart looks at how the artist depicted Mesozoic mammals. The article by Jon Lavas is filled with amazing illustrations. It is wonderful to see some of Burian’s incredible, lesser-known illustrations.

On the subject of prehistoric art, Steve White discusses his new book “Mesozoic Art”, written in collaboration with Darren Naish. Some of the beautiful images from the book are re-printed in this issue.

Burian depicting prehistoric mammals.
A Gobi Desert scene showing Late Cretaceous mammalian and dinosaur fauna. Burian depicts two species of multituberculates. In the foreground the rodent-like Kryptobaatar, in the middle of the scene a group of Djadochtatherium matthewi can be observed whilst in the background a Protoceratops andrewsi wanders past. Picture credit: Zdeněk Burian.

Picture credit: Zdeněk Burian

“Prehistoric Times” Magazine

Everything Dinosaur would like to congratulate Marcus Burkhardt, John Sibbick, Andy Frazer and Dani Navarro. Just a few of the talented people who submitted Hypsilophodon artwork. The Kelenken article too, features some amazing illustrations. Congratulations to all the contributors with special mentions to Anders Bang, Jeff Nevens and magazine editor Mike Fredericks for their Kelenken artwork.

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Cretaceous Sea Turtle Nests, Phil Currie and New Fossil Finds

There is a substantial amount of palaeontology featured in issue 145. Long-term friend of the magazine, palaeontologist Phil Currie contributes an entertaining piece examining dinosaur fossil expeditions from a hundred years ago. The Chelonia are included with a fascinating article documenting turtle nesting sites from the Cretaceous. In addition, the latest dinosaur discoveries and fossil finds are summarised in the Paleonews segment.

Randy Knol covers prehistoric animal collector news, reflecting on recent production figures including the new for 2023 CollectA Anomalocaris and Dino Dana Zuul. Editor Mike Fredericks takes time out of his busy schedule to review some of the latest book releases.

Our congratulations to all the contributors to issue 145. It is yet another well-crafted and thoroughly absorbing edition.