Schleich Prehistoric Animal Model Retirements

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Everything Dinosaur can confirm that two prehistoric animal models made by Schleich are now out of production and retired. With the recent introduction of five Schleich prehistoric animal figures, we can now confirm Schleich prehistoric animal model retirements.

The figures which have been retired are the Schleich Dimetrodon model that was introduced in 2019 and the Schleich pterosaur figure, the Dimorphodon.

A prehistoric pelycosaur from Schleich (Dimetrodon).
The new for 2019 Schleich Dimetrodon model has now been retired by the German manufacturer.

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The Schleich Dimetrodon Model (2019)

The green-coloured 2019 Schleich Dimetrodon figure replaced an earlier Dimetrodon model (2016) with a reticulated pattern on its sail. It was one of five new model introductions into the Schleich prehistoric animal model range. Although not a dinosaur, Dimetrodon has proved to be a popular figure amongst collectors. Dimetrodon was a member of the Pelycosauria clade, a synapsid that lived during the Early Permian. Several species have been described.

The Schleich Dimorphodon Figure

Coincidently, the Schleich Dimorphodon figure was also introduced in 2019. It too is being retired. The Schleich Dimorphodon had distinctive “eye flashes” on its wings. It was depicted in a terrestrial pose. With its large skull and huge jaws, this pterosaur model proved to be popular with younger model collectors.

The Schleich Dimorphodon flying reptile model.
The Schleich Dimorphodon model (new for 2019).

Schleich Prehistoric Animal Model Retirements

A spokesperson from the UK-based Everything Dinosaur stated that both figures would be missed.

The spokesperson explained:

“We do appreciate that models have to be retired. Both the Dimetrodon and the Dimorphodon have been around for about four years, so they have had a good run. By taking some figures out of production this frees up space in the factory for new models.”

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