New PNSO Mila the Mapusaurus is Reviewed

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Our thanks to model collector and dinosaur fan William who sent into Everything Dinosaur a review of the Mila the Mapusaurus dinosaur model. The Mapusaurus figure is one of several carcharodontosaurid models offered by PNSO.

William emailed Everything Dinosaur and explained that Mila arrived along with the new Lucas 2.0 Giganotosaurus model and Mungo the Meraxes.

The reviewer commented:

“All together an impressive trio of titans from the Southern Hemisphere”.

PNSO Mila the Mapusaurus

William explained that with the discovery of the Meraxes fossil material palaeontologists had a better understanding of carcharodontosaurid cranium anatomy. The head of the Mapusaurus model was described as being well-defined with prominent lacrimal crests and a nasal ridge.

The detailing around the eyes and the skin folds associated with the head sculpt were praised.

PNSO Mila the Mapusaurus.
The PNSO Mila the Mapusaurus dinosaur model.

William explained that the majority of the theropod figures supplied by PNSO have articulated jaws. He highlighted the detailing around the jaws including the roof of the mouth.

Reviewing the Model’s Body

The powerful neck is mentioned, and the point made about the completeness of the holotype fossil material aiding the carcharodontosaurid design. The similarity between carcharodontosaurid body plans is noted and the skin folds and texture praised.

William stated:

“From tip to tip every inch of Mila is an example of how to do a proper dinosaur figure. Even the cloaca is spot on.”

A trio of carcharodontosaurids. The new PNSO Giganotosaurus model in 1:35 scale along with the PNSO Mapusaurus and Meraxes figures.
A trio of carcharodontosaurids. The new PNSO Giganotosaurus model in 1:35 scale (top) along with the PNSO Mapusaurus (middle) and Meraxes figures (bottom). Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Mapusaurus Limbs

The reduced forelimbs on the figure are examined. They were reduced in members of the Carcharodontosauridae. The reduction in size is not as extreme as within the abelisaurids or Tyrannosauridae. The reviewer explained that the highly detailed hands had three fingers. Each finger displayed a large claw, with the middle finger the largest of the three.

When referring to the hind legs, William commented:

“Mila’s hindlimbs are superbly sculpted with ripples and hints of veins. Each foot has three superb toes.”

The reviewer comments on the body colour and praised the combination of grey with a hint of rose pink. The colour scheme is a homage to the rosy, pink rocks associated with the holotype fossil material and honours Rose Letwin a sponsor of the excavation project.

The wide, charcoal stripes are highlighted, and the reviewer contrasts the Mapusaurus with other PNSO theropod figures.

Concluding his review William states:

“To the touch you can feel the fine detailing of the scales and the small scutes, the ripples folds and muscles are all very pleasing.”

Mila the Mapusaurus (PNSO).
An apex predator – the Mapusaurus dinosaur model from PNSO.

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Providing Details About the Dinosaur

As with previous reviews, William provides model measurements.

Scale: 1:35.
Length: 14.2 inches.
Height: 4.2 inches.

He also explains that the PNSO Mila the Mapusaurus dinosaur model is supplied with a transparent support stand. An information booklet and a colour poster are also included.

Time Period:
Late Cretaceous 93.9–89.6 Million Years (Cenomanian faunal stage of the Late Cretaceous)
Location: Argentina Province of Neuquén Cañadón del Gato.

Over a period four years from 1997-2001 the Mapusaurus holotype was recovered by an Argentinian-Canadian Dinosaur Project. The holotype was described and named in 2006 by renowned palaeontologists Rodolfo Coria and Phil Currie.

Classifying the Dinosaur (PNSO Mila the Mapusaurus)

William also provided information on the taxonomy of Mapusaurus roseae.

Clade: Theropoda
Superfamily: Allosauroidea
Clade: Carcharodontosauria.
Family: Carcharodontosauridae.
Subfamily: Giganotosaurini.
Genus: Mapusaurus.
Species: roseae.

He estimated that this theropod weighed around five tonnes and measured between thirty-six and forty feet in length.

Mapusaurus co-existed with several other theropods including Skorpiovenator and Ilokelesia.

Concluding his review William stated:

“All the PNSO Charcharodontosauridae figures are worthy of a place in any novice or serious collectorscollection. They are outstanding in every way.”

Our thanks to William for sending in his PNSO Mila the Mapusaurus dinosaur model review.

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