The Fantastic “The Dinosaurs Rediscovered” Spotted

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It’s another case of dinosaur book bingo. A book entitled “The Dinosaurs Rediscovered” was spotted in a museum gift shop. This excellent and popular book was published in 2019. Professor Michael Benton is based at the School of Earth Sciences at the University of Bristol.

Spotting "The Dinosaurs Rediscovered" book.
Another case of dinosaur book bingo. The book “The Dinosaurs Rediscovered” by Michael J. Benton spotted in a museum shop. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

“The Dinosaurs Rediscovered”

Mike Benton is a professor of vertebrate palaeontology. He studies the large-scale evolution of major groups such as the Dinosauria and other archosaurs. He explores the effects of mass extinctions, environmental change, and biological innovation on the evolution of reptiles, mammals and birds. Professor Benton has written dozens of books about dinosaurs and prehistoric animals. He is a highly respected author.

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Professor Benton outlines the changes in palaeontology over the last twenty years. He discusses new fossil discoveries and the impact of new technologies on research. The book illustrates how our perceptions regarding the Dinosauria have changed. We are living in a “golden age” of dinosaur research.

Book Reviews

The book has proved to be extremely popular. It has been widely praised.

The eminent British palaeontologist Richard Fortey OBE stated that the book was an engaging account of the evolution of the “terrible lizards”. It is aimed at readers with a general interest in life in the past.

He commented:

“Mike Benton has brought together all the latest information in this succinct and well-illustrated book.”

Everything Dinosaur team members will see if they can spot more dinosaur books over the summer. We shall continue to play dinosaur book bingo. What other titles can we observe whilst on our adventures?

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