The New PNSO Giganotosaurus 2.0 Reviewed

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Our thanks to dinosaur fan and model collector William who sent into Everything Dinosaur his review of the new 2.0 PNSO Giganotosaurus figure. The reviewer commented that the head sculpt of this new PNSO theropod had been influenced by recent carcharodontosaurid research.

The detailing around the eyes and the ridges on the naris are praised.

PNSO Lucas the Giganotosaurus dinosaur model (new for 2023).
The new PNSO Lucas the Giganotosaurus dinosaur model.

PNSO Giganotosaurus 2.0

The deep set of the nostrils and skull shape is commented upon. When the articulated jaw is opened, rows of sharp teeth are displayed.

William comments:

“The PNSO Giganotosaurus is the most accurate Giganotosaurus carolinii head sculpt created to date.”

The reviewer states that dinosaur fans have a true Giganotosaurus standing before them when the model is unpacked. It has powerful neck muscles, a broad, strong back and a muscular tail. A wealth of varied folds and scales cover the model’s main torso.

“From top to bottom no area goes unloved. All is covered in the details never missed by PNSO and the figure has a cloaca.”

Giganotosaurus Limbs

The arms end in hands with fearsome claws. The middle digit is slightly larger than the other two. The hindlimbs are robust and powerful. The left foot is slightly raised as if this dinosaur was captured in mid stride. The reviewer comments on the colour scheme chosen for the model. He praises the subtle application of ochre around the snout. The orange eye is almost watching you. The fudge brown of the lacrimal crest and nasal ridges draws the eye towards the head.

PNSO Giganotosaurus dinosaur model.
The PNSO Giganotosaurus dinosaur model in stock at Everything Dinosaur in the spring (2023).

The Model Measurements

As with previous reviews, William provides the model’s measurements.

Scale = 1:35 with a length of 14 inches and a head height of approximately 3.5 inches. He explains that the figure is supplied with a clear, support stand. The Giganotosaurus box contains a full-colour booklet and dinosaur posters.

Time Period: Late Cretaceous 99.6–95 million years ago (Cenomanian).

Location: Argentina, Patagonia, Villa El Chocón, in the Neuquén Province.

The Science Behind the PNSO Giganotosaurus

Just ten years after the discovery of the fossils of Baryonyx walkeri, once again good fortune led to the discovery of another theropod dinosaur. Rubén D. Carolini was cruising the Villa El Chocón Badlands when he spotted a dinosaur bone (tibia). He contacted professional palaeontologists and at the 1994 meeting of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, Giganotosaurus was introduced to the world.

Giganotosaurus carolinii means Carolini’s giant southern lizard and the first illustration was created by renowned artist James Gurney. After viewing photos taken at the fossil site of the holotype, the team was offered funding to recover the specimen by Don Lessem. The team recovered 70% of the holotype skeleton which is now preserved and exhibited in the Ernesto Bachmann Paleontological Museum in Villa El Chocón.

To view the PNSO product range available from Everything Dinosaur: PNSO Age of Dinosaurs Figures and Models.

Lucas the Giganotosaurus has an articulated lower jaw.
Lucas the Giganotosaurus has an articulated lower jaw.

Theropod Classification

As part of his review William provided information on this dinosaur’s taxonomy.

Order: Theropoda

Superfamily: Allosauroidea

Clade: Carcharodontosauria

Family: Carcharodontosauridae

Tribe: Giganotosaurini

Genus: Giganotosaurus

Species: G. carolinii

William explained that palaeontologists estimate the length of this dinosaur at around 43 feet. It may have weighed in excess of 13 tons. It was the apex predator in the ecosystem. Giganotosaurus may have hunted titanosaurs. Perhaps packs of these carnivores mobbed large titanosaurs, or perhaps hunting tactics were more co-ordinated. Our thanks to William for providing some suggestions as to the hunting tactics employed by these super-sized predators.

The reviewer concluded by praising Everything Dinosaur and the manufacturer stating that PNSO had created a most accurate version of Giganotosaurus. He commented on the other theropod dinosaurs that PNSO had recently introduced and suggested that a Concavenator model should be included in the range.

William added:

“My thanks to all the team at Everything Dinosaur. Praise where praise is due to Everything Dinosaur. A Giga thank you to you all for your hard work now and in the future. With Everything Dinosaur, we are given a great choice of delivery options, and all are fairly priced.”

Our thanks to William for sending into Everything Dinosaur his comprehensive PNSO Giganotosaurus 2.0 model review.

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