Everything Dinosaur Export Success is Highlighted by Journalist

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Everything Dinosaur recently featured in a business magazine. The article focused on how companies can develop their potential for selling overseas. Everything Dinosaur team members are delighted to be successful in numerous markets all over the world. Mike and Sue were happy to talk about the Everything Dinosaur export success.

Everything Dinosaur export success.
Everything Dinosaur team members Mike and Sue are praised for their export success. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur Export Success

Selling business to consumer via mail order through the company’s website: Everything Dinosaur, the Cheshire-based firm has developed an international customer base.

It has not happened overnight, but slowly and surely Everything Dinosaur has built an excellent reputation for customer service and support. This has been reflected in the company’s sales overseas.

The Rebor Diplodocus carnegii "Artist Proof" replica.
The Rebor Diplodocus carnegii “Artist Proof” replica. A reason for the company’s export success is their strong social media presence and willingness to engage with dinosaur model collectors. This includes posting up reviews and pictures of prehistoric animal figures. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Around the Corner or Around the World

When asked to explain their business success, Mike from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“Whether you are working with customers around the corner or around the world, you have belief in your product and you have belief in your service. If you have a good product and good service, then why not try to grow sales overseas.”

To view the six-minute-long Everything Dinosaur video discussing the company’s export success: Everything Dinosaur Exporting Case Study.

The Chamber of Commerce magazine article featured a trio of businesses who shared their stories and insight when it comes to developing export sales opportunities.

The article explained that Everything Dinosaur is passionate about dinosaurs and prehistoric animal models. The company sells these replicas including museum-quality scale models to customers all over the globe.

To view the range of dinosaur and prehistoric animal figures available from Everything Dinosaur: Prehistoric Animal Figures and Models.