Everything Dinosaur team members received a request from a prehistoric animal model collector for more information about the invertebrate replicas included within the CollectA Age of Dinosaurs Popular model range. As always we were happy to oblige and emailed over further information, including some pictures of the CollectA trilobite model.

CollectA Redlichia rex trilobite. "First Life"
CollectA Redlichia rex trilobite model.

CollectA Age of Dinosaurs Popular Models

Over recent years, the design team at CollectA have added several replicas of extinct, iconic prehistoric invertebrates to their Age of Dinosaurs Popular range. For example, in 2020 CollectA added a trilobite replica to their product portfolio, a replica of the large, predatory trilobite called Redlichia rex.

CollectA trilobite model.
Everything Dinosaur team members have prepared some images of CollectA invertebrate models including the CollectA Age of Dinosaurs Popular trilobite model (Redlichia rex). Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

CollectA Trilobite Model

Team members were happy to send over the additional information as requested. We are always pleased to hear from fellow model and figure collectors.

To view the CollectA range of not-to-scale prehistoric animal figures: CollectA Prehistoric Life/Age of Dinosaurs Models.