Mojo Fun Woolly Mammoth

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The new Mojo Fun Woolly Mammoth model has arrived at Everything Dinosaur’s warehouse and this excellent prehistoric proboscidean has been made available to purchase on Everything Dinosaur’s award-winning website.

Mojo Fun Woolly Mammoth
The Mojo Fun Woolly Mammoth model is available from Everything Dinosaur.

Mojo Fun Woolly Mammoth

The Woolly Mammoth is one of two Ice Age figures to be added to the Mojo Fun “Prehistoric Life” range of figures. A Woolly Rhinoceros (Coelodonta antiquitatis) is due to arrive at Everything Dinosaur in a few weeks.

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The Woolly Mammoth model is an update on the previous Mojo Fun figure, we suspect that this earlier 1:20 scale Mammuthus primigenius model from Mojo Fun will now be retired.

The hair texture and details of the shaggy coat of this prehistoric elephant model have been praised by Everything Dinosaur team members.

Mojo Fun Woolly Mammoth
The hair texture on the new Mojo Fun Woolly Mammoth has been praised by Everything Dinosaur team members.

Mammuthus primigenius

A spokesperson for the award-winning, UK-based company stated that team members were most impressed with this Mammuthus primigenius replica.

The spokesperson added:

“There are lots of Woolly Mammoth figures and models available. It is always pleasing to see a manufacturer updating figures in their range and we congratulate the team at Mojo Fun for their amazing Woolly Mammoth and we look forward to the arrival of their Woolly Rhinoceros.”

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