Latest News on Royal Mail International Post Delays

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Everything Dinosaur has received a statement from Royal Mail confirming that the company is currently experiencing a “cyber incident”. Royal Mail is unable to process international mail at the moment, domestic services, parcels sent around the UK are unaffected.

The Royal Mail Statement:

Royal Mail incident
The nature of the “cyber incident” is not known but it has affected Royal Mail’s ability to process international parcels.

Image credit: Statement from Royal Mail

Staff at Royal Mail are currently working to resolve the problem, but for the time being, Everything Dinosaur and every other company that uses Royal Mail international services is being advised not to send parcels destined for locations outside of the UK into the mail network.

Royal Mail International Post Delays

In a communication to Everything Dinosaur, Royal Mail have confirmed that it was temporarily unable to send letters and parcels overseas, and the organisation was “working hard” to resolve the issue. Royal Mail also confirmed that there are currently minor delays to post coming into the UK, but domestic deliveries are unaffected.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur explained that all orders sent out by Everything Dinosaur to customers in the European Union were not affected, but some orders from customers in North America, South America and Australasia would be delayed due to this incident.

The Everything Dinosaur spokesperson also confirmed that they had noted some issues with the Royal Mail network earlier, but these anomalies had not prevented team members from dispatching orders for customers up until late this afternoon (January 11th).

For advice about orders, or for additional information about how this incident could affect Everything Dinosaur parcel deliveries: Email Everything Dinosaur.

Royal Mail has promised to keep all its customers informed and to work quickly to resolve this situation.

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