The Superb CollectA Deluxe Dimorphodon

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Since its introduction into the CollectA scale model range in 2017 the CollectA Deluxe Dimorphodon model has proved to be extremely popular with prehistoric animal model collectors and fans of the Pterosauria.

CollectA Deluxe Dimorphodon.
The CollectA Deluxe Dimorphodon with an articulated jaw. A photograph of the product packaging. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

CollectA Deluxe Dimorphodon

Having been a part of the CollectA range of scale models for five years, team members at Everything Dinosaur thought they knew all there was to know about this 37.5 cm long pterosaur figure with its articulated jaw. However, we were informed earlier this week that this flying reptile model was created as a 1:3 scale figure.

An Award-winning Pterosaur Model

The CollectA Supreme Deluxe Dimorphodon model has been voted by readers of Prehistoric Times magazine the best non-dinosaur prehistoric animal toy of 2017. One of several awards received by CollectA and their design team for the figures that they have introduced.

CollectA Dimorphodon pterosaur model.
The CollectA Dimorphodon model with a movable lower jaw.

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