New Prehistoric Times Magazine (Issue 144)

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The next edition of “Prehistoric Times” magazine (issue 144) is on its way and should be with readers in a couple of weeks. Our thanks to magazine editor Mike Fredericks who sent into Everything Dinosaur a preview of the front cover artwork which was created by Daniel Navarro, a very talented artist from Spain.

Prehistoric Times magazine.
The front cover image of the next edition of the quarterly publication “Prehistoric Times”.

“Prehistoric Times”

We are reliably informed that this issue (winter 2023), will feature an interview with the Canadian palaeoartist Julius Csotonyi. We suspect that the interview will feature his new book “Dinosaur World”, a publication eagerly anticipated by fans of his artwork as it includes over 1,200 different dinosaur illustrations. Fans of palaeoart on this side of the Atlantic get to hear from John Conway about his latest projects including his own book, which is due out shortly entitled “A History of Painting (with Dinosaurs)”.

Visit the “Prehistoric Times” website to subscribe to this quarterly magazine: “Prehistoric Times”.

Featured Prehistoric Animals

The featured prehistoric animals in issue 144 are the Chinese early tyrannosauroid Dilong and the biggest snake known to science – Titanoboa. Readers can expect to see lots of amazing artwork.

Titanoboa illustration
A drawing of Titanoboa commissioned by Everything Dinosaur for a fact sheet on Titanoboa for a Rebor model.

The Titanoboa illustration (above) was commissioned by Everything Dinosaur so that the UK-based company could produce a scale drawing of the giant prehistoric snake for the fact sheet that was despatched with Rebor Titanoboa figures.

To view the range of Rebor models including museum class Titanoboa maquettes (whilst stocks last): Rebor Models and Figures.