Everything Dinosaur received this week a copy of “Two Acres of Time” by Richard S. Laub, the former curator of geology at the Buffalo Museum of Science (New York). The book documents the remarkable Pleistocene fossil and archaeological deposit preserved at Byron (Genesee County in New York State).

"Two Acres of Time"
The arrival of “Two Acres of Time” by Richard S. Laub and published by Columbia University Press. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

“Two Acres of Time”

The location formally owned by the Hiscock family (the fossil quarry is often referred to as the Hiscock site), preserves evidence of mastodon elephants as well as flint tools from humans that were present in this area around 10,000 years ago. The book tells the story of the fossil and archaeological excavations and highlights the remarkable dedication and enthusiasm of the hundreds of volunteers that have worked to uncover the fossils and other artefacts from this unique location.

Published by Columbia University Press, this book explains how scientists explore, investigate, excavate and preserve evidence of ancient landscapes and the animals and people that lived in them.

Aimed at students, academics as well as the general reader, team members at Everything Dinosaur are looking forward to reading this recently published book.

To find this book visit the Columbia University Press website and search under the author Richard S. Laub or alternatively, under the book title “Two Acres of Time”.

The Columbia University Press website: Columbia University Press.

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