Whilst out of the office for a few hours, taking a break from picking and packing parcels for customers, a team member at Everything Dinosaur spotted a trio of cheerful dinosaurs on a gift bag. The three dinosaurs were off to a party and they were hoping that everyone was going to have a roarsome day!

Have a roarsome day
A cheerful, trio of colourful dinosaurs spotted by an Everything Dinosaur team member. Have a roarsome day! Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Have a Roarsome Day!

It is not often we come across an image of a blue Triceratops riding a skateboard, or an orange Tyrannosaurus rex wearing a paper hat. Indeed, we do not often see images of sauropod dinosaurs with balloons tied around their long necks.

Whilst the colouration of the non-avian Dinosauria remains a hotly debated topic amongst palaeontologists, we are quite confident that skateboarding, playing with balloons and wearing paper hats were not behaviours that dinosaurs indulged in. Perhaps, there is a remarkable fossil somewhere just waiting to be found that will challenge our assertions.

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