Everything Dinosaur can confirm the following Papo model retirements for 2023. Today, we announce that two figures are being withdrawn from the Papo “Les Dinosaures” range, models that are retired and now out of production.

  • Papo Roaring Smilodon
  • Papo Young Spinosaurus
The Papo Roaring Smilodon. Papo model retirements (2023).
The Papo Roaring Smilodon model is now retired, and this figure is out of production.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Papo Roaring Smilodon

This figure, with its mane like a male lion and posterior stripes like a tiger, was introduced into the Papo range of prehistoric animal figures back in 2017. Although, it is unlikely that any species within the Smilodon genus resembled this replica, it did prove popular especially amongst those Papo fans who also collected the company’s fantasy figure range.

With the introduction in 2022 of a young Smilodon model, for a short period, Papo had three Smilodon models in the “Les Dinosaures” series.

The Papo Young Spinosaurus

The Papo young Spinosaurus first made an appearance as part of a Papo, special edition box set that also featured the Ceratosaurus dinosaur model. It was later introduced into the range as a stand-alone figure.

Papo juvenile Spinosaurus model.
The Papo young Spinosaurus dinosaur model originally part of a special edition box set prior to being launched as a figure. The young Spinosaurus model has been retired (2023).

Papo Model Retirements

Everything Dinosaur team members produced a blog article about the new for 2023 Papo prehistoric animals back in November, six new figures will be introduced, essentially four new models (Concavenator, Einiosaurus, Kronosaurus and Mosasaurus) and two reintroductions of replicas that had been retired (Archaeopteryx and Woolly Rhino).

To read this post: New Papo Prehistoric Animal Models for 2023.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented that a blog post due to go live in a few days would reveal another Papo prehistoric animal model that was going out of production.

To view the range of Papo dinosaur models and prehistoric animal figures in stock at Everything Dinosaur: Papo Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals.

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