New Rebor 1:35 Adult Deinosuchus hatcheri Museum Class Replicas

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Everything Dinosaur has opened a priority wait list for the two Rebor 1:35 adult Deinosuchus hatcheri museum class replicas, two splendid crocodilian replicas, in the estuary and swamp colour schemes. These exciting Rebor scale models are due in stock at Everything Dinosaur in early 2023.

Rebor 1:35 adult Deinosuchus hatcheri (estuary colour scheme)
The REBOR 1:35 Adult Deinosuchus hatcheri Museum Class Replica Deluxe Pack Meta Estuary version. Each Deinosuchus replica is supplied with the head and torso of an unfortunate Appalachiosaurus theropod.

Contact Everything Dinosaur

With Everything Dinosaur, there is no need to pre-order, no deposit is required and there are no fees to pay. Team members have opened reserve, priority wait lists for these two 1:35 scale replicas and customers are encouraged to email Everything Dinosaur so that they can join these lists. Simply Email Everything Dinosaur ensuring that you state your Deinosuchus model preference, (estuary version, swamp version or both) and Everything Dinosaur will ensure that you receive a priority email alert when the figures are in stock (expected early 2023).

Rebor adult Deinosuchus models (swamp version)
REBOR 1:35 Adult Deinosuchus hatcheri Museum Class Replica Deluxe Pack Meta Swamp version with the remains of the Appalachiosaurus. Contact Everything Dinosaur by email to join our priority waitlist for these wonderful replicas.

Appalachiosaurus montgomeriensis

Each Rebor 1:35 scale adult Deinosuchus hatcheri figure is supplied with a rather bloodthirsty accessory. The Deinosuchus models come with the head and partial torso of a theropod dinosaur (Appalachiosaurus). Appalachiosaurus is known from a single fossil specimen discovered in Upper Cretaceous aged sediments in Alabama, although other theropod fossils found elsewhere in the United States have been assigned to this genus.

Appalachiosaurus was named and scientifically described in 2005 (Carr and Williamson). The exact taxonomic relationship of this dinosaur is disputed, it is hoped that further fossil discoveries will help to clarify the phylogeny of this predator. The size of Appalachiosaurus is uncertain, the Alabama fossils represent a juvenile which measured approximately six metres long. A dinosaur this size coming down to the water’s edge to get a drink would have been a potential target for a Deinosuchus lying submerged ready to attack.

Rebor Deinosuchus Appalachiosaurus torso and head.
The Appalachiosaurus torso and head. A gory addition to the Rebor adult Deinosuchus models. Both Estuary and Swamp figures are supplied with an Appalachiosaurus model.

Deinosuchus Swamp and Estuary

In 2021, Rebor introduced a pair of limited-edition hatching Deinosuchus replicas. Only a few hundred of each figure (swamp and estuary) were produced. The adult Deinosuchus models are due to be in stock at Everything Dinosaur early in 2023, by then, it is likely that the hatching Deinosuchus models will have sold out.

Rebor Club Selection Deinosuchus figures
The Rebor Club Selection Deinosuchus figures – the box contents. The limited-edition Estuary variant (right) and the limited-edition Swamp variant (left). Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented that they were happy to set up priority waitlists for customers, as a way of helping customers manage their finances, with no deposits, or prepayments required.

To view the range of Rebor figures currently in stock at Everything Dinosaur: Rebor Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animal Figures.