New Papo Prehistoric Animal Models (2023)

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Having received confirmation from Papo, Everything Dinosaur can now release official details of the new Papo prehistoric animal models scheduled for introduction in 2023.

There are six figures to be added to the “Les Dinosaures” range, two new dinosaurs, two new marine reptiles and two re-introductions of figures that were recently retired.

New Papo Dinosaurs for 2023

Papo intend to add two dinosaurs to their range of prehistoric animal models and figures in 2023. A replica of the Late Cretaceous ceratopsian Einiosaurus is due to be introduced in Q3/Q4 of 2023 and there will also be a replica of a Concavenator (theropod dinosaur) added to the range. The Papo Concavenator will have an articulated lower jaw.

Papo Prehistoric Animal Models for 2023
Two new Papo dinosaur models are scheduled for introduction in 2023, a horned dinosaur Einiosaurus and a replica of Concavenator.

Papo Marine Reptile Models

In addition, Papo will be introducing two marine reptiles. The Mosasaurus figure which was originally scheduled for launch this year (2022) is now scheduled for introduction in early 2023 (quarter 1), whilst the long rumoured Kronosaurus will be added to the range later next year.

Papo prehistoric animal models for 2023 (marine reptiles)
A pair of Papo marine reptiles are also scheduled for 2023 release, the delayed Papo Mosasaurus and a Papo Kronosaurus model. Both figures have articulated lower jaws.

Both the Papo Mosasaurus and the Papo Kronosaurus models will have articulated lower jaws.

Papo Prehistoric Animal Models

In addition to the four new model sculpts planned for 2023. Papo intend to re-introduce recently retired, prehistoric animals. Two reissues are planned, the Papo Archaeopteryx which was originally launched in 2014 and subsequently retired in 2018 and the Papo Woolly Rhinoceros which was introduced in 2013.

Papo reissues for 2023.
Papo intend to re-introduce two recently retired models in quarter 1 of 2023 – the Papo Woolly Rhinoceros figure and the Papo Archaeopteryx model.

Both the Papo Woolly Rhinoceros figure and the Papo Archaeopteryx are scheduled to be available early in 2023 (quarter 1 of 2023).

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented that it was good to see Papo increasing the number of new prehistoric animal figures, although they were not able to comment on any potential retirements from the “Les Dinosaures” range.

When asked about the introduction of the Archaeopteryx and the Coelodonta (Woolly Rhinoceros), the spokesperson commented:

“The introduction of previously retired Papo figures gives dinosaur fans and model collectors the opportunity to add these figures to their collections, if they had missed out first time around.”

To view the range of Papo dinosaur and prehistoric animal figures in stock at Everything Dinosaur: Papo Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Figures.