New CollectA Models 2023 (Part 2)

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Everything Dinosaur team members are making a YouTube video which will provide more information on the second set of new CollectA models for 2023. The brief video will provide more information on the enormous sauropod Ruyangosaurus, the recently described iguanodontid from the Isle of Wight (Brighstoneus) and the enigmatic Cambrian predator Anomalocaris.

New CollectA models.
The next Everything Dinosaur YouTube video will feature the latest new for 2023 CollectA prehistoric animal figures (Ruyangosaurus, Brighstoneus and Anomalocaris).

New CollectA Models

Team members have already produced and published a video providing more information on the first batch of new for 2023 CollectA models to be announced (Triceratops horridus – confronting, Hadrosaurus and the recently described spinosaurid Ceratosuchops).

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A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur confirmed that CollectA would announce more new models in November and that the first six releases that had been announced would probably be in stock at Everything Dinosaur around February/March of next year (2023).

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