New PNSO Deinocheirus and Sinopliosaurus

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Everything Dinosaur team members have been busy sorting out the PNSO Deinocheirus and Sinopliosaurus boxes as they prepare and pack orders for customers.

The new for 2022 PNSO dinosaur models are part of the latest product shipment to reach Everything Dinosaur’s warehouse. Team members have been contacting customers who enquired about these two theropod dinosaur figures and informing them that they are now available.

Both figures (PNSO Deinocheirus and Sinopliosaurus) will be supplied with a free prehistoric animal fact sheet.

PNSO Deinocheirus and Sinopliosaurus
The two, new for 2022 PNSO model arrivals (early November 2022), the PNSO Jacques the Deinocheirus (top) and (bottom) the Chongzuo the Sinopliosaurus figure. The free Sinopliosaurus fact sheet can be seen underneath the boxes. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

PNSO Deinocheirus and Sinopliosaurus

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur praised the design team at PNSO for the introduction of these new figures into the company’s mid-size model range and commented that there might be yet another model announcement from PNSO towards the end of this year.

PNSO Jacques the Deinocheirus dinosaur model.
The PNSO Jacques the Deinocheirus dinosaur model.

The First Chinese Spinosaurid

Chongzuo the Sinopliosaurus is a not-to-scale replica of the first member of the Spinosauridae family to be named from fossils discovered in China.

PNSO Chongzuo the Sinopliosaurus landscape view
The PNSO Chongzuo the Sinopliosaurus is depicted walking close to a river. Fossils now ascribed to this theropod come from a fluvial/lacustrine palaeoenvironment.

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