The Beautiful Rebor Adult Deinosuchus Models

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Earlier this week, it was announced that Rebor was introducing two replicas of the prehistoric crocodile Deinosuchus (D. hatcheri). The Rebor adult Deinosuchus models (Estuary and Swamp colour variants), will be stocked by Everything Dinosaur and we hope to have them in our warehouse in early 2023.

Rebor adult Deinosuchus models (the Estuary colour variant)
The Rebor 1:35 Adult Deinosuchus hatcheri Museum Class Replica Deluxe Pack Meta Estuary version.

1/35 Scale Replicas of “Terrible Crocodile”

These beautifully crafted, 1:35 scale replicas of “terrible crocodile” have articulated jaws and will be supplied with the head and torso of an unfortunate tyrannosauroid theropod (Appalachiosaurus). The crocodilian, can be displayed with the remains of the dinosaur in its mouth.

Rebor adult Deinosuchus models (swamp version)
Rebor 1:35 Adult Deinosuchus hatcheri Museum Class Replica Deluxe Pack Meta Swamp version with the remains of the Appalachiosaurus.

Fossils of Deinosuchus are mostly associated with Upper Cretaceous deposits of the southern and south-eastern United States (Campanian faunal stage). However, fossil material associated with this genus has been found as far north as Montana and in Mexico. This large crocodile (distantly related to extant alligators), lived in the estuaries and swamps that lined the Western Interior Seaway. It lived on both sides of this Seaway (Laramidia and Appalachia), however, since the Rebor replica includes the remains of an Appalachiosaurus, the inference is that this is a representative of a Deinosuchus from the eastern landmass of Cretaceous North America.

Rebor adult Deinosuchus figure (swamp),
The Rebor adult Deinosuchus figure (swamp).

Rebor Adult Deinosuchus Models

The Rebor Deinosuchus figures swamp and estuary are essentially the same figure, just the colour scheme for each model is different.

Rebor adult Deinosuchus (estuary).
The Rebor adult Deinosuchus crocodilian replica in 1:35 scale. This is the estuary colour variant.

Deinosuchus Model Measurements

Each model is around 45 cm in length. If the declared scale is 1:35 this suggests a total length of this ancient predator at around fifteen metres. It has been difficult to calculate the size of Deinosuchus as the fossil remains are fragmentary. When first studied, it was suggested that skull material indicated an animal around fifteen metres in length, but this size estimate has been subsequently revised and a body length of approximately eleven metres for the largest specimens has been proposed.

Rebor adult Deinosuchus models (the swamp variant)
The Rebor 1:35 Adult Deinosuchus hatcheri Museum Class Replica Deluxe Pack Meta Swamp version.

Whatever the actual size of Deinosuchus, this apex predator was much bigger than any extant crocodilian.

Available in Early 2023

The Rebor adult Deinosuchus figures (swamp and estuary colour variants) are likely to be in stock at Everything Dinosaur early in 2023.

To enquire about these models and to join our no obligation priority wait list for these models simply: Email Everything Dinosaur remembering to state which Deinosuchus colour variant you would like (swamp or estuary).

To view the extensive range of Rebor models and figures currently in stock at Everything Dinosaur: Rebor Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Figures.