The New Rebor Tusk T. rex – Inserting the Tail

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Have you ever had a problem inserting the tail piece into a dinosaur model, the latest Everything Dinosaur YouTube video demonstrates an easy fix using the new for 2022 Rebor Tusk T. rex dinosaur model. How to insert the tail piece into a dinosaur model without the fuss!

How to insert the tail piece into a Rebor dinosaur model (Tusk the T. rex 1:35 scale figure) – here is an easy way!

Rebor Tusk T. rex

The Rebor Tyrannosaurus rex Tusk King T. rex Requiem figure is supplied in two pieces and some construction is required. In our short video (duration five minutes forty-five seconds), we review the dinosaur model and demonstrate ways in which the tail can be securely inserted into the body piece with the minimum of fuss. No glue is required.

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Rebor "TUSK" King T-REX requiem.
The Rebor Tyrannosaurus rex “Tusk” King T-REX requiem figure.

The Transparent Support Stand

Check the Rebor Tusk T. rex box contents carefully. Both the Rebor Tusk and Kiss figures are supplied with a snap-together, three-piece support stand. The stand is quite compact and small, it could be overlooked amongst the model packaging. Assemble the transparent stand and carefully slide it home under the chest of your Rebor figure so that it provides additional support.

Rebor T. rex Tusk dinosaur model.
The Rebor T. rex Tusk King T. rex Requiem model is supplied with a clear plastic support base, but our models appear quite stable even standing on our office carpet without the need for the support stand. However, Everything Dinosaur does recommend that customers use the transparent support stand provided. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Why a Tail Piece?

Customers might ask why does the figure have a detachable tail? This is a sensible question to ask, and this is done so that Rebor can reduce the amount of packaging material required for each model. This helps to reduce the use of plastic, paper and cardboard, all part of Rebor’s commitment to the environment.

The Rebor Tyrannosaurus rex Tusk King T. rex Requiem dinosaur model is very popular, to view the range of Rebor models and figures in stock at Everything Dinosaur: Rebor Prehistoric Animal Models and Figures.