The PNSO Chuanchuan the Lingwulong and six other PNSO prehistoric animal figures feature in the latest Everything Dinosaur customer newsletter. Lingwulong, the first replica of this Chinese diplodocoid dinosaur to be made by a mainstream manufacturer has arrived in stock at Everything Dinosaur along with replenishment stocks of other PNSO prehistoric animal models in the latest shipment to reach Everything Dinosaur’s warehouse.

PNSO Lingwulong features in customer newsletter.
The new for summer 2022 PNSO Lingwulong sauropod model features in the latest Everything Dinosaur customer newsletter.

PNSO Chuanchuan the Lingwulong

This large model (the figure measures over forty-seven centimetres in length), is a replica of the dicraeosaurid from the Middle Jurassic of China. It is the earliest known diplodocoid and the first of this type of sauropod dinosaur to be reported from Asia.

PNSO Kronosaurus and the Stegosaurus Pair
Fresh supplies of the Kronosaurus figure (Jeff the Kronosaurus) and the stegosaur pair (Biber and Rook) have arrived at the Everything Dinosaur warehouse.

PNSO Kronosaurus and Biber and Rook (Stegosaurus Pair)

Team members at Everything Dinosaur have been busy unloading and checking the latest PNSO product delivery. The PNSO Jeff the Kronosaurus and the stegosaur pair (Biber and Rook) are now back in stock. These figures would make a welcome addition to the model collection of a prehistoric animal fan.

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PNSO T. rex and Carnotaurus models feature in newsletter.
A fantastic pair of short-armed theropod dinosaurs. Wilson the T. rex (latest version) and Domingo the Carnotaurus dinosaur model are now in stock at Everything Dinosaur.

PNSO Wilson the T. rex and Domingo the Carnotaurus

The shipment also contained Wilson the T. rex dinosaur model (latest version) and the popular PNSO Domingo the Carnotaurus figure.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur welcomed these fine examples of a tyrannosaurid and an abelisaurid back into stock at the company’s warehouse.

PNSO Nick the Ceratosaurus and Brook the Ophthalmosaurus feature in company newsletter.
The huge Nick the Ceratosaurus and the equally impressive Brook the Ophthalmosaurus are also back in stock at Everything Dinosaur.

Favourites Back into Stock Too

The enormous Nick the Ceratosaurus dinosaur model is back in stock. Brook (the not quite so big but still an impressive 48 cm long), Ophthalmosaurus is also available once more.

The spokesperson confirmed that Everything Dinosaur was committed to stocking older PNSO products as well as the latest additions to the PNSO Age of Dinosaurs model series.

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