Collector Reviews the New YVY Dino Hazard Irritator

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Our thanks to dinosaur fan and prehistoric animal model collector William who sent into Everything Dinosaur a review of the YVY Dino Hazard Irritator dinosaur model.

The Irritator challengeri dinosaur model
An Everything Dinosaur team member holds the Dino Hazard Irritator challengeri dinosaur model, which in turn is holding in its claws the replica of a lungfish (Equinoxiodus alcantarensis) which is supplied as an accessory with this dinosaur figure. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

William Reviews Irritator

William began his review by explaining that the Dino Hazard brand was the brainchild of the brilliant
Brazilian palaeontologist Tito Aureliano who conceived the idea of a group of bold palaeontologists travelling back in time to explore prehistoric South America.

The reviewer also noted that collectors would not have been able to purchase one of these figures without Everything Dinosaur undertaking product safety tests. As far as we and the reviewer are aware, Everything Dinosaur is the only company in the world to have undertaken product testing, obtaining a report on general product safety.

Dino Hazard Irritator challengeri - a close-up view of the head
A close-up view of the articulated jaw on the Dino Hazard Irritator dinosaur model.

Dino Hazard Irritator – Head Sculpt

William commented that:

“In my mind’s eye this is how I see the Irritator challengeri and all other Spinosauridae – living animals going about their lives. All the credit and our thanks must be heaped upon Hugo Cafasso the artist and owner of YVY figures, it is he the maestro who created a real theropod.”

He added that there was no shrink wrapping and the replica had a full set of accurate conical Spinosauridae teeth. The ear sculpt was praised and the fully articulated jaw highlighted. The head crest was stated as being “the cherry on top of any Spinosauridae figure.”

An Accurate Slender Skull

The reviewer stated that the slender skull was accurate with its retracted nostrils positioned high on the snout and the red-coloured eyes were singled out for praise.

Dino Hazard Irritator challengeri product packaging.
The Dino Hazard Irritator challengeri product packaging. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

The Main Body of the Review

William explains that in his view the designers of the Irritator replica understood the Spinosauridae body plan, although he states that the neural spines would have been more subtle, but the overall impression created is pleasing to the eye. The model has been given a cloaca and the broad tail, reminiscent of recent interpretations of Spinosaurus aegyptiacus is commented upon.

The Model’s Limbs

William states that the forelimbs are positioned correctly and unlike the abelisaurids and tyrannosaurids, the Spinosauridae retained their Megalosauroidea heritage of a three fingered hand with three powerful claws.

He added:

“No worries about hurting yourself or others as the claws are not sharp”.

The defined musculature or the theropod’s legs are highlighted and the hindlimbs are praised for their accuracy.

Summarising the model, William exclaimed:

“With all elements coming together we have very dynamic dinosaur on a dynamic diorama”.

Dino Hazard Irritator challengeri box contents
The Dino Hazard Irritator challengeri is supplied with an optional display base and a lungfish prey item.

Irritator challengeri – Colour and Texture

William remarked upon the red eyes, and the facial markings. He praised the muted gunmetal grey wash and the base colouration. He commented that the careful painting of the claws and teeth lent a maturity to the figure.

When discussing the model’s skin texture the reviewer reflected:

“The skin textures are amazing but further heightened by the folds and creases of the skin and the wrinkles from the throat to the ripples in the thigh muscles. The entire figure is masterpiece! You realise how much time, love and effort it takes to create an accurate sculpt of a true likeness of a Spinosauridae.”

As with previous reviews William listed the model’s measurements:

Scale: 1:20.
Length: 14.5 inches.
Height: 3.5 inches.

Product Packaging and Accessories

In his detailed model review, William expressed his admiration for the product packaging and explained that the replica and base depicted a dinosaur traversing wet sand. Footprints in the base provided a guide to where the model should be placed.

Irritator challengeri dinosaur model on the Everything Dinosaur turntable
Sold under the brand Dino Hazard the Irritator challengeri dinosaur model comes complete with an optional display base and a replica of a lungfish. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

He described the lungfish model supplied with the dinosaur as a “little jewel”, commenting that it was highly detailed and a fantastic replica of an Equinoxiodus.

William also provided some details about Irritator challengeri that he had researched.

Superfamily: Megalosauroidea.
Clade: Megalosauria.
Family: Spinosauridae.
Subfamily: Spinosaurinae.
Genus: Irritator.

Time Period:
Early Cretaceous 110 Million Years Ago.

North-eastern Brazil (from Santana do Cariri).

William also outlined how this theropod was awarded the genus name “Irritator”, explaining some of the problems associated with the acquisition, preparation and identification of this dinosaur.

He remarked that the specimen number SMNS 58022 became the designated holotype for I. challengeri in February 1996. He added that the holotype material represents a sub-adult animal so size estimates may have to be revised if fossils of a mature, adult animal are found.

William Provides an Estimate for the Size of I. challengeri

Weight: 2-3 tons.
Length: 27 feet.
Height: 6.5 feet.

He also commented upon the palaeoenvironment describing it as a tropical ecosystem with extensive waterways patrolled by several different kinds of spinosaurids. These animals would have hunted along the banks of the rivers catching fish, but also scavenging carcasses and perhaps catching the occasional pterosaur.

Our thanks to William for providing Everything Dinosaur with a comprehensive dinosaur model review.

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