New PNSO Torosaurus Aubrey and Dabei Models

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Earlier this year, (spring 2022), PNSO announced that they would be adding a 1:35 scale replica of an adult Torosaurus and juvenile to their scientific art series. The PNSO Aubrey and Dabei Torosaurus models are in stock and have been proving to be very popular amongst dinosaur fans and model collectors.

PNSO Torosaurus pair in right lateral view.
PNSO Torosaurus dinosaur models in 1:35 scale – Torosaurus Aubrey and Dabei. The baby Torosaurus figure stands close to the adult which is offering protection to the young horned dinosaur. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Torosaurus Figures in 1/35th Scale

The Torosaurus pair (Aubrey and Dabei) are part of the highly successful 1:35 scale scientific art models series from PNSO. Torosaurus is the second ceratopsian to be featured after the initial introduction of the Triceratops figure (Doyle).

Aubrey, the adult Torosaurus measures an impressive 23 cm in length. The beautiful headshield with its stunning eyespots over the fenestrae stands over 12 cm off the ground. The baby Torosaurus (Dabei) measures approximately 5.5 cm long.

PNSO Aubrey the Torosaurus model.
The PNSO Torosaurus 1:35 scale dinosaur model (Aubrey) shown in anterior view. The headshield eyespots and spectacular colouration of this figure are highlighted. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Torosaurus latus

Torosaurus (T. latus) was formally named and described in 1891 (Othniel Charles Marsh), and is one of the largest, and youngest of the chasmosaurine horned dinosaurs known to science. Fossils have been ascribed to this genus from Upper Cretaceous deposits from both the USA and Canada, although the identification of some of these specimens as Torosaurus fossils remains controversial.

Compared to the closely related Triceratops, fossils of Torosaurus are much rarer.

A juvenile Torosaurus model.
A close-up view of the baby Torosaurus model included in the PNSO model set. Behind Dabei the front foot of Aubrey can be seen, it provides a scale for this juvenile Torosaurus model. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Twenty Scientific Art Posters

The PNSO Aubrey and Dabei Torosaurus models are supplied with a 48-page, fully illustrated booklet, 7 drawing cards and twenty scientific art posters featuring the two dinosaur figures.

Torosaurus dinosaur models (PNSO)
The PNSO Torosaurus pair (Aubrey and Dabei) shown in right lateral view. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

PNSO have earned a deserved reputation for the breadth and depth of their prehistoric animal model range. To view the wide range of PNSO figures available from Everything Dinosaur: PNSO Age of Dinosaurs Models and Figures.