Kind Thoughts from a Customer are Greatly Appreciated

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A model collector and fan of dinosaurs praised Everything Dinosaur team members for their great customer service and for providing prehistoric animal figures that would otherwise be difficult to obtain.

Having supplied Everything Dinosaur with a detailed review of his recent acquisition – the Dino Hazard Irritator challengeri model, William thanked Everything Dinosaur team members for their hard work.

Dino Hazard Irritator with Prey
The theropod Irritator challengeri is associated with the Romualdo Formation whilst the lungfish (Equinoxiodus alcantarensis) is associated with the geologically younger Alcântara Formation. A dinosaur model collector reviewed the figure and praised Everything Dinosaur for their customer service and their willingness to bring into stock difficult to obtain prehistoric animal replicas. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

The dinosaur model reviewer praised Dino Hazard’s Irritator challengeri figure commenting that it was:

“One of the most accurate Spinosauridae figures on the market.”

To read the detailed customer review of the Dino Hazard Irritator dinosaur model: Collector Reviews the YVY Dino Hazard Irritator Model.

A Note of Caution

The reviewer also reminded fellow model collectors to only purchase from official stockists such as Everything Dinosaur. By purchasing through a reputable company such as the UK-based Everything Dinosaur, collectors could be assured that the model makers were being properly supported and this would help them with future product development.

Thanking Everything Dinosaur

William thanked Everything Dinosaur team members for their hard work and dedication.

He added:

“For the legion of paleo-figure collectors we truly value all you have done and all you will do for us in the future. During these uncertain times you were always there for us during the pandemic. From searching the leading brands to all the tireless efforts to get the stock from suppliers to your warehouse to our front doors.”

Thank you Everything Dinosaur.
Thank you Everything Dinosaur for your excellent product range and fantastic customer service. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

The reviewer praised team members for their willingness to invest in product safety tests which permitted the importation of prehistoric animal models and figures.

He commented that:

“Purchasing from Everything Dinosaur is fast, safe, secure and no nonsense.”

The level and amount of recycled packaging was highlighted along with speedy and reliable delivery times.

William went onto state:

“If required, they [Everything Dinosaur] will delay posting your order until you wish it should you be away a few days, or no one will be at home to receive the parcel. The company also offers a wide range of delivery options including Royal Mail and courier services all very fairly priced.”

The fast deliver times were noted with some parcels being received in just 24-hours.

Our thanks to William for his kind words and to all our customers that have provided the company with feedback.

To view the extensive range of prehistoric animal models and replicas available from Everything Dinosaur’s award-winning website: Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Models.