A Beautiful Papo Prehistoric Animal Banner

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Everything Dinosaur team members were sent a dinosaur themed banner by our chums at Papo. The French manufacturer emailed over the Papo dinosaurs banner, can you name the trio of dinosaur models featured on the image?

Papo Les Dinosaures banner.
Papo of France kindly sent Everything Dinosaur a dinosaur themed product banner. Can you name the trio of dinosaur models featured in the Papo image?

Papo Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animal Models

The French manufacturer has spent more than twenty-five years creating an inspirational range of models and figures. In total, Papo currently produces more than six hundred replicas. The company’s prehistoric animals, the “Les Dinosaures” range consists of around fifty figures including the recently released Papo Protoceratops.

Papo Protoceratops model
Papo Protoceratops model in lateral view. The Protoceratops figure was the first of the new prehistoric animal models introduced into the “Les Dinosaures” range in 2022.

The Papo Protoceratops Dinosaur Model

Papo has added several horned dinosaur figures to their model range. The latest addition is a replica of “first horned face” – Protoceratops. The model measures sixteen centimetres in length and the top of that delicately painted neck frill stands some eight centimetres high. The Papo Protoceratops has an articulated jaw.

The Papo Protoceratops in anterior view
Papo Protoceratops in anterior view. The attractive and very striking eyespots depicted on the dinosaur’s head shield can be seen when the model is photographed in anterior view.

Protoceratops is one of the most extensively studied of all the dinosaur genera. Ironically, the first fossilised remains of this little plant-eater were found a hundred years ago (1922). It is appropriate for Papo to introduce a replica of “first horned face” to mark the centenary of this dinosaur’s discovery.

Protoceratops (P. andrewsi) was scientifically described in 1923 (Granger and Gregory).

Papo Dinosaur Model Retirements

Like all the other model and figure manufacturers, Papo are constantly updating and changing the range of replicas they offer. With the addition of the Papo Protoceratops comes news that another horned dinosaur model, the red Papo Styracosaurus model is being retired and withdrawn from production.

Papo Styracosaurus dinosaur model.
The original Papo Styracosaurus model was released in 2011 and has been officially retired in 2022. It will be replaced by a new, green colour variant of Styracosaurus.

Originally released in 2011, the red Papo Styracosaurus dinosaur model is heading for retirement and is now officially out of production. This figure is due to be replaced by a green colour variant. A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur confirmed that stocks of the green Papo Styracosaurus would be available shortly.

Papo Styracosaurus dinosaur model (new colour variant)
The new for 2022 Papo Styracosaurus colour variant. The green colour variant will replace the red Styracosaurus dinosaur model, which has now been retired.

Papo Model Fans and Collectors

Papo has built up a strong following within the prehistoric animal model collecting community. There are many Papo model fans and collectors who champion this product range and the prehistoric animal models therein.

To view the range of Papo “Les Dinosaures” models and figures available from Everything Dinosaur: Papo Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animal Models.