Everything Dinosaur team members have received the latest edition of “Prehistoric Times” magazine and issue 142 proves to be a jam-packed edition. Phil Hore provides details on the feathered, Chinese tyrant Yutyrannus as well as documenting the fearsome, prehistoric fish Xiphactinus and the front cover features one of a series of remarkable illustrations by the very talented Fabio Pastori.

Prehistoric Times Issue 142
The front cover of “Prehistoric Times” issue 142 (Summer 2022). The front cover artwork was supplied by Fabio Pastori, an exquisite illustration of Velociraptor mongoliensis entitled “Mongolian Swift Seizer”. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Fabio worked with the famous American palaeontologist Jack Horner, and both were generous enough to permit examples of their collaboration to be highlighted in issue 142, the artwork is simply stunning.

Citipati Illustrated by Fabio Pastori
A stunning image of the bizarre theropod Citipati featured in issue 142 of “Prehistoric Times” magazine. Picture credit: Fabio Pastori.

Further artistic endeavours are highlighted, this time using a different medium as Paul McFarland demonstrates how to cast a figure of a European bison in bronze and of course, there are lots of examples of reader submitted artwork to admire too. We liked Wade Carmen’s very exotic looking Xiphactinus and the Yutyrannus themed diorama depicted by James Gurney. Naturally, Fabio Pastori couldn’t resist getting in on the action too. Take a look on page fifteen for his beautiful Yutyrannus and juvenile artwork.

Zdeněk Burian – The Early Years

John Lavas departs from cataloguing the artwork of influential Czech artist Zdeněk Burian and focuses on his early life and upbringing. The piece includes some fascinating photographs of Burian as a young man. Randy Knoll updates readers about what is new in the world of prehistoric animal model collecting and Tracy Lee Ford focuses on feathers in part four of his series on integumentary coverings.

The magazine’s editor Mike Fredericks casts his eyes over the latest book releases including “Dinosaurs: 10 Things You Should Know” by our chum and talented author Dean Lomax and the “Paleonews” section features an explanation as to why the fearsome T. rex had such small arms – an interesting new theory sent direct to the editor by palaeontologist Kevin Padian (University of Berkeley, California).

The summer issue of this quarterly magazine does not disappoint. It is highly recommended.

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