There have been so many new model announcements made by PNSO in the last few weeks that model collectors can be forgiven for overlooking some of the recently introduced figures from this Chinese manufacturer. Take for example, Bart the Pinacosaurus. Pinacosaurus (P. grangeri) might not be the most famous member of the Ankylosauridae family, but Pinacosaurus is well-known in China, it has featured in the illustrations of prehistoric life by Zhao Chuang and PNSO introduced a model of this armoured dinosaur in early 2021.

PNSO Bart the Pinacosaurus dinosaur model
A wonderful model of an armoured dinosaur. The recently introduced Bart the Pinacosaurus.

Why Bart?

PNSO have given their prehistoric animals in their rapidly expanding mid-size model range nicknames. This is a trend that they have followed since their very first replicas came out. Team members are not sure whether there is actually any logic applied when it comes to naming their figures, after all, we have recently announced “Jeff” the Kronosaurus: PNSO to Add “Jeff” the Kronosaurus.

As for Bart, we don’t know why the Pinacosaurus figure was given this moniker, we thought that “Granger” would have been more suitable in honour of the American palaeontologist Walter Wallis Granger, who discovered the first fossils of Pinacosaurus in 1923.

PNSO Bart the Pinacosaurus (left lateral)
The PNSO Pinacosaurus in lateral view.

A Photogenic Ankylosaur

The Pinacosaurus replica is beautifully sculpted and typifies the quality associated with this mid-size model line. Whilst working in the studio, we took the opportunity to take some more photographs of this dinosaur model, the colouration of which reminds us of the Mountain Devil lizard from Australia.

PNSO Bart the Pinacosaurus (anterior view)
A close view of the front of the Pinacosaurus from PNSO (Bart the Pinacosaurus).
The Mountain Devil (Moloch) from Australia.
The very spiny Mountain Devil or Moloch (Moloch horridus) which is native to Australia.
PNSO Bart the Pinacosaurus dinosaur model in dorsal view
Dorsal view – PNSO Bart the Pinacosaurus dinosaur model. The colour scheme chosen for this armoured dinosaur reminds us of the Mountain Devil lizard (Moloch horridus).

We were able to take several pictures of the figure, including in dorsal view so the chosen colour scheme could be clearly seen.

An Upside-Down Dinosaur

As well as dorsal views, we wanted to depict the underside of the figure, complete with that very important CE mark (conformité européenne). After all, to a discerning dinosaur model collector it matters what a dinosaur’s undercarriage looks like.

PNSO Bart the Pinacosaurus dinosaur model
PNSO Bart the Pinacosaurus dinosaur model (ventral view).

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur praised the Pinacosaurus figure and congratulated PNSO for wanting to add figures of more obscure prehistoric animals to their range.

To purchase the PNSO Pinacosaurus or any other PNSO prehistoric animal figure in stock at Everything Dinosaur: PNSO Age of Dinosaurs Models and Figures.

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