PNSO to Add More Stegosaurus Models

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In the summer of 2021, Everything Dinosaur will be stocking the new Biber and Rook 1:35 scale scientific art dinosaur models from PNSO. These new dinosaur figures were announced yesterday and the box set will feature an adult Stegosaurus with a juvenile.

PNSO Stegosaurus dinosaur models (Biber and Rook)
The PNSO Stegosaurus dinosaur models (Biber and Rook) in anterior view, these two figures are due to be in stock at Everything Dinosaur in the summer (2021).

PNSO Biber and Rook Stegosaurus Models

Biber is the name of the adult Stegosaurus figure and Rook is the epithet given to the baby armoured dinosaur. It is not certain whether the adult Stegosaurus in this set is a male or a female. The figures join an earlier PNSO Stegosaurus replica that was introduced in 2019. The adult Stegosaurus in this new set is a different figure to the 2019 Stegosaurus.

PNSO Stegosaurus models (Biber and Rook) in lateral view
The mother Stegosaurus is protecting her baby. Whether it is a male or female Stegosaurus is immaterial, this pair of stegosaurs joins Bieber the Stegosaurus that was introduced in 2019.

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A Wide Range of Armoured Dinosaurs

Biber and Rook the Stegosaurus models are the latest editions to a wide range of armoured dinosaur models offered by Everything Dinosaur and PNSO. The PNSO portfolio includes Rosana the Miragaia, Qichuan the Tuojiangosaurus in the mid-size model range that were introduced in 2020 along with several smaller armoured dinosaur figures such as a Wuerhosaurus and a Kentrosaurus in the “Prehistoric Animal Toys that Accompany Your Growth” series.

The adult Stegosaurus (Biber) measures around 21.5 cm in length and those beautiful plates stand 11 cm high. Everything Dinosaur estimates that on this scale, the baby stegosaur (Rook) is about 5 cm long.

PNSO Stegosaurus (Biber and Rook) model measurements.
The adult PNSO Stegosaurus figure is 21.5 cm long and those magnificent plates are 11 cm tall. We estimate the baby stegosaur to be around 5 cm in length.

Representing Dinosaurs from the Famous Morrison Formation

PNSO have expressed a desire to introduce models that represent prehistoric animals from famous geological formations. These two new figures represent animals from the famous Morrison Formation of western North America. They join the likes of the recently announced Allosaurus figure (PNSO Paul the Allosaurus), as representatives of the dinosaur biota from the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation.

PNSO Paul the Allosaurus attacks a pair of PNSO stegosaurs
PNSO are keen to highlight prehistoric animals known from the famous Morrison Formation of the western United States. Biber and Rook join Paul the Allosaurus in the PNSO model range.
New for 2021 PNSO Biber and Rook Stegosaurus Models
PNSO Stegosaurus dinosaur models (Biber and Rook).

Biber and Rook are expected in stock at Everything Dinosaur in the summer (2021). To view the PNSO figures available from Everything Dinosaur: PNSO Age of Dinosaurs.