An Amazing PNSO Spinosaurus (2020) Model is Reviewed

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Our thanks to model collector and dinosaur fan William who sent us at Everything Dinosaur a comprehensive review of his recently purchased PNSO Essien Spinosaurus figure (mid-size model range). Not only did William review the figure, he also provided some information about the science behind Spinosaurus.

PNSO Essien the Spinosaurus dinosaur model.
PNSO Essien the Spinosaurus dinosaur model. This Spinosaurus figure has an articulated lower jaw.

The Spinosaurus Review

Starting with the head there is a fully articulated jaw. A perfect blend within the skull ending in the classical Spinosauridae notched upper rostrum which aids with holding slippery prey items. Essien’s teeth are carefully reproduced from the fossil specimen with slender and crocodile-like dentition. The eyes are correctly situated high on the skull, as are the nostrils to aid breathing while hunting with his rostrum dipped under the surface. An elongated crest completes the head sculpt.

PNSO have given Essien some very finely detailed and varied skin scaling, in addition, the model has a crocodilian-like dewlapped pouch. One could see a female Spinosaurus transporting her wriggling brood down to a safe nursery stream. The neck is muscular and powerful and there is only the slightest hint of a shrink-wrap effect around the eye socket.

PNSO Essien the Spinosaurus packaging.
The packaging for the PNSO Spinosaurus dinosaur model.

Powerful Forelimbs

The figure has strong, powerful forearms with three long claws on each hand. The right hand (manus), is set in a knuckle walking pose but looks very natural. The hindlimbs are on the money with correct toe placement and webbing between the toes. Essien has the signature body plan which denotes the pinnacle of Spinosauridae evolution. The model has a cloaca and it is correctly placed.

The artwork on the PNSO Essien the Spinosaurus packaging
The beautiful artwork on the PNSO Essien the Spinosaurus box.  Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Spinosaurus Sail

William describes this Spinosaurus figure as:

“The finest model on the market and one that will be rather hard to beat”.

He goes on to highlight the details of the sail which reflects the latest scientific interpretation. The sail is described as curving upwards into a rounded peak which then dips but then rises again forming a second peak over the hips.

The function of this feature is discussed and various suggestions proposed:

  • Heat dissipation
  • Showing maturity and fitness for breeding
  • A warning or threat display
  • An aid to propulsion through water

William adds:

“Essien has been given beautiful, finely detailed vertebrae/ribs. Each section of the sail vertebrae is covered in large thick scales with smaller ones in the skin between them all anchored at the base of the sail with robust scute-like scales. One feature not found in any other model is if you hold him up to sun light the sail becomes translucent”.

PNSO Spinosaurus dinosaur model.
PNSO Essien the Spinosaurus (dorsal view). William suggests that this figure is in approximately 1:50 scale and refers to the tail as being capable of producing “muscular thrust”.

Spinosaurus Colouration

William suggests that the figure has been posed as if it has spotted a rival and is about to bellow out a challenge. His comprehensive review also included commentary on the paint scheme stating that the main base colours are a combination of rich red and yellow ochres, with darker stripes running from the back of the neck to the end of the tail. The white teeth are set within a pink palate and tongue the head has a prominent nasal ridge. He comments that the wash coat given to the mouth area is a great finishing touch providing a natural wet look.

The review concludes with William providing some details on Spinosaurus aegyptiacus.

Family: Spinosauridae.
Tribe: Spinosaurini.
Genus: Spinosaurus (Stromer,1915).

Time Period: 99-93.5 million years (Late Cretaceous).

William goes on to state that the debate continues with regards to how much time this dinosaur spent in water and how it hunted. Potential prey such as Onchopristis is mentioned.

The review concludes with William commenting:

“We Your Customers/Friends wish to thank you all for being a company owned and run by folks who we hold in the highest regard. Thank you for being our friends and thank you for being Everything Dinosaur. If you need accurate models to aid with school project diorama or information packs to aid with learning of the Wee Future Palaeontologists all you have to do is contact the team at Everything Dinosaur for prompt advice and assistance.”

The Everything Dinosaur website: Dinosaur Models and Toys.

Our thanks to William, we hope our synopsis of his comprehensive review in some small way does justice to the considerable time and effort put in producing it.

To purchase Essien the Spinosaurus and the other figures in the PNSO model range: PNSO Age of Dinosaurs.