New Rebor Oddities Specimen: G-2016 Embryos (Resinite, Epoxide and Bakelite)

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Everything Dinosaur received an email from a potential customer asking for some more information and pictures on the recently introduced Rebor, limited edition specimens G-2016 embryos. We were happy to oblige and to send more photographs of the actual figures and to answer the queries.

Rebor Oddities Specimens G-2016

Our packing rooms might be very busy with all the parcels being prepared for despatch but we found a quiet work bench, set up the figures and took several photographs of these remarkable Rebor replicas.

The images and information were emailed to the person who had enquired and a few hours later a parcel was despatched containing the G-2016 embryo selected.

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Rebor Oddities Specimen: G-2016 Embryos (Resinite, Epoxide and Bakelite)
The three, stunning Rebor Oddities specimens – bakelite (right), epoxide (centre) and resinite (left). Special limited edition science-fiction replicas from Rebor. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Model Measurements

Each block measures 18.5 cm long and stands 10.6 cm tall. The width of each block is 3 cm. They are imposing science-fiction/fantasy figures and Rebor has been praised for producing such innovative and intriguing models. These are radical departments from their usual dinosaur and other prehistoric animal replicas.

As the Rebor Oddities Specimen G-2016 are so unusual, team members at Everything Dinosaur have received a lot of enquiries about them from collectors. We have been happy to take extra photographs of these figures and to email these images and respond to specific questions.

Rebor Oddities Specimen: G-2016 Embryos (resinite, epoxide and bakelite)
Very creative and innovative designs. The Rebor Oddities G-2016 specimens resinite (left), epoxide (centre) and bakelite (right). Limited edition figures from Rebor. Team members at Everything Dinosaur took several photographs of the different replicas to help potential customers with their enquiries. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Limited Edition Figures

The Rebor Oddities G-2016 figures (epoxide, bakelite and resinite) are limited edition items, only a few hundred of each have been produced.

To view these models (whilst stocks last) and to see the rest of the spectacular Rebor range: Rebor Replicas Models and Figures.