The Wild Past Tethyshadros pair are in stock at Everything Dinosaur. Two stunning Tethyshadros figures, one standing, one resting and a display base. This is the second model introduction from Wild Past and it is great to see such an important dinosaur represented in model form.

Wild Past Tethyshadros dinosaur models
The Wild Past Tethyshadros dinosaur models.

Tethyshadros insularis

Formally named and scientifically described in 2009, Tethyshadros (T. insularis) is one of only a handful of dinosaurs known from Italy, although numerous trace fossils have been identified with many dinosaur trackways reported. It was once thought that the chances of finding dinosaur bones in Italy were remote, much of the landmass was covered by the Tethys Ocean for a considerable portion of the Mesozoic. However, carbonate platforms were built up and an archipelago of islands (some of them substantial in size), were formed. Tethyshadros occupied one such island, located in the western Tethys. Its relative diminutive size (around 4.2 metres in length), may be a reflection of insular dwarfism when limited resources leads to dwarf forms evolving.

The two Tethyshadros models by Wild Past
The two hand-painted Tethyshadros figures (Wild Past). The figures represent a dinosaur that lived on a large island in the Tethys Ocean that had formed from the deposition of carbonate from sessile organisms such as scleractinian corals.  Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Approximately 1:35 Scale

The standing figure measures a fraction under 11 cm in length and stands around 4.5 cm high, whilst its counterpart, the Tethyshadros in the resting pose measures a little under 10.5 cm long. They have been beautifully painted and are sold in a presentation box which features an illustration by the talented artist Joseph Fells. The figures are reported to be in 1:35 scale.

Wild Past Tethyshadros box contents
Wild Past Tethyshadros dinosaur models (box contents) with the illustration by Joseph Fells.

In order to get the Tethyshadros model to stand securely in the footprints on the display base we added a small piece of blu tack to the base of each hind foot. The figure can always be glued into place if required, but we found the additional support from the adhesive helped to stabilise the figure. The display base has been well painted and the figures make a welcome addition to the range of hadrosauroid models that are available to collectors.

Wild Past Tethyshadros packaging
The front of the Wild Past Tethyshadros box. The set includes two figures (one resting, one standing) and a display base. The models are approximately in 1:35 scale.  Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Everything Dinosaur website: Prehistoric Animal Toys.

Joining a Protoceratops

The pair of Tethyshadros dinosaurs are the second model introduction in the Wild Past range after the initial introduction of the Protoceratops with nest model that came out in 2020.

The Tethyshadros Pair Joins Protoceratops in the Wild Past range
The Tethyshadros models are the second dinosaur figures to be introduced by Wild Past after the introduction of the Protoceratops model in 2020.

To view the Wild Past model range and to purchase the Wild Past Tethyshadros pair: Wild Past Prehistoric Animal Models and Figures.