Everything Dinosaur has received lots of requests for a Placerias model, so our dedicated team members responded by making sure customers could pick up a Placerias if they wanted to. This large, Late Triassic dicynodont has remained popular ever since it appeared in the very first episode of the ground-breaking BBC television documentary “Walking with Dinosaurs” back in 1999. We have brought in a special batch of prehistoric animal figures to ensure that there are plenty of Placerias to go around.

Placerias model.
The Placerias figure available from Everything Dinosaur whilst stocks last. Team members have brought in a special batch of prehistoric animal figures to ensure that there are plenty of Placerias.

An Inexpensive Prehistoric Animal Figure

The Placerias is available as part of a set of inexpensive prehistoric animal figures that we stock. However, we were receiving so many requests for this particular figure that stocks soon ran out. Team members have arranged to bring in a special production run of these prehistoric animals and this has permitted the model to be made available for sale as an individual item.

Placerias prehistoric animal model (anterior view)
Placerias model in anterior view. Making Late Triassic dioramas is now a lot easier as dinosaur fans and model collectors can pick up a Placerias.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“This Placerias model is very similar to the dicynodonts that featured in the first ever episode of the BBC series “Walking with Dinosaurs”. The episode was called “New Blood” and depicted the faunal turnover that was taking place in the Late Triassic as the dinosaurs were beginning to be dominate terrestrial ecosystems. A herd of green-coloured Placerias, very similar to our Placerias model were slowly dying out as they could not adapt to dramatic climate change.”

A Very Expensive Television Series

At the time it was made the award-winning “Walking with Dinosaurs” television series was the most expensive project undertaken by the BBC in terms of the cost per minute of screen time. Placerias was depicted as a member of the Ghost Ranch biota of New Mexico. Terrestrial environments during the Late Permian had been dominated by the herbivorous Dicynodontia. Although severely depleted as a result of the End-Permian mass extinction, these therapsids survived throughout the Triassic before finally becoming extinct as more arid conditions favoured the emerging dinosauromorphs that were to take over the role as megaherbivores in Late Triassic ecosystems.

A trio of Placerias models.
A trio of Placerias models. The Placerias replica is great for creating Triassic dioramas. This Placerias model is available from Everything Dinosaur.

The Placerias can be found (whilst stocks last), on this section of the Everything Dinosaur website: Placerias Prehistoric Animal Model.

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