Subscribers to Everything Dinosaur’s customer newsletter were tipped off about stock of rare Rebor prehistoric animal figures and replicas. Limited edition and special production runs of several Rebor figures had been organised and once the current stock had sold, many of these items would not be available again.

Rare Rebor Models

For example, the science fiction/fantasy Rebor Oddities Specimen: G-2016 embryo in resinite has been limited to a single production run and only 500 of these amazing replicas have been made.

The special edition Rebor Oddities Specimen: G-2016 embryo specimen in resinite
The special edition Rebor Oddities Specimen: G-2016 embryo specimen in resinite makes headlines in the latest Everything Dinosaur customer newsletter.

Rebor Oddities Specimen: G-2016 Embryos

The Everything Dinosaur newsletter also featured the G-2016 Embryo in epoxide and the G-2016 Embryo in bakelite. Like the resinite figure, only 500 of each of these replicas have been produced and newsletter subscribers were given the opportunity to snap up a figure before they sold out.

Rebor Oddities Specimen Embryos
Only 500 Rebor Oddities Specimen G-2016 embryos (bakelite and epoxide) have been produced. There are no plans to make any more once the current stock has been sold.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“These Rebor G-2016 figures are beautifully crafted science fiction replicas with engraved text and science fiction symbols and they would be a highlight in any model collection. We have had lots of sales in Asia, but we wanted to hold a few back so we could offer these limited edition figures to our newsletter subscribers.”

Compsognathus longipes Dissection Figures

Rebor has built a deserved reputation for their innovative and unusual figures. As well as introducing the embryos, Rebor commissioned a special production run of life-size Compsognathus dissection specimens. Two versions were produced, one of them being the limited edition, highly stylised “Victorian Goth” specimen. Only 500 of these figures have been made, the vast majority of these were pre-sold, however, Everything Dinosaur has held a small number in reserve so we could offer these figures to our subscribers.

Rebor Compsognathus Dissection Replicas
The Rebor Compsognathus longipes dissection replicas including the limited edition Victorian Goth version make an appearance in the latest Everything Dinosaur customer newsletter.

Rebor Abelisaurid Dinosaurs

Rebor is best known for their dinosaur models. Team members thought that they could not feature Rebor without at least drawing attention to a couple of dinosaurs and with the arrival this week of the abelisaurid pair Carnotaurus and Ekrixinatosaurus it seemed fitting to include these 1:35 scale replicas in our newsletter offering. The Rebor Carnotaurus rex “Crimson King Requiem” is a reference to the apex predator position held in southern hemisphere Late Cretaceous palaeoenvironments by members of the Abelisauridae, including Carnotaurus sastrei. The 1:35 scale model of Ekrixinatosaurus (E. novasi) represents another South American abelisaurid. Named and described in 2004, palaeontologists are uncertain as to the size of this “bruiser”. The skull was disproportionately large and this dinosaur was particularly robust – very helpful if you coexisted with Giganotosaurus, one of the largest theropod dinosaurs known to science.

Rebor 1:35 scale Carnotaurus and Ekrixinatosaurus
A pair of ferocious abelisaurids! The Rebor Carnotaurus rex “Crimson King Requiem” (right) and the new Rebor Ekrixinatosaurus “Epitaph” model (left).

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