On thanks to model maker and collector Hugh who sent into Everything Dinosaur a photograph of a diorama he had created that features the recently introduced Rebor Gorilla Z Alpha Male figure, a 1/11th scale figure of a mountain gorilla.

Rebor Gorilla figure on display
Model maker Hugh has given his Rebor Gorilla figure a well-proportioned display base. The plinth works well with the gorilla model and the dinosaur skull is an additional feature that provides a sense of scale to the cleverly composed piece.

Using a Display Base in Proportion to the Figure

Hugh, as an experienced model maker has chosen to display his figure on a square base. He has been careful not to get the display base out of proportion to the actual animal figure. This is a well-proportioned composition, with the plinth not detracting too much from the model. The placement of the model’s feet has been considered and the use of rocks to break up the topography with the small tussocks of grass adding interest.

Rebor Gorilla Model

The dinosaur skull at the feet of the gorilla adds a nice touch and provides a sense of scale to this cleverly composed piece.

Rebor Alpha Male Gorilla models.
The three Rebor Alpha Male Gorilla Z replicas Primal (left), Patriarch (centre) and Albino (right). Hugh opted to use the primal colour variant in his diorama.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“These 1:11 scale gorilla figures from Rebor have been beautifully crafted and they are ideal candidates for use in prehistoric scenes and dioramas”.

Three Different Gorilla Colour Variants to Choose From

Rebor has continued the trend of offering different colour variants with the recently introduced Gorilla Alpha Males. Three colour variants have been produced. There is “primal”, the brown coloured gorilla that was used by Hugh in his diorama, plus “patriarch” a black colour variant and an albino figure (albino).

The design team at Rebor have been heavily influenced by monster movies of yesteryear and as Hugh has demonstrated, these models provide plenty of scope for the imaginative, creative model maker when it comes to designing and producing attractive dioramas and prehistoric scenes.

The production run for these gorilla figures was limited and Everything Dinosaur team members are not sure whether these models will be made again once existing stocks have been sold.

To view the Rebor Gorilla Z Alpha Male figures in 1:11 scale and the rest of the models and replicas in the extensive Rebor range: Rebor Models and Figures.

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