Our thanks to dinosaur fan and model collector William who sent into Everything Dinosaur a review of the latest Eofauna models, the Triceratops dinosaur models “Cryptic” and “Dominant”.

Eofauna Scientific Research Triceratops dinosaur models.
The Eofauna Scientific Research 1:35 scale Triceratops models do battle (Cryptic and Dominant).

William’s Review

Eofauna’s first two releases of 2021 are of the spectacular Triceratops “Yoshi’s Trike” after it’s discoverer Yoshi Katsura. Unearthed in 2010 now housed within the Museum of the Rockies.

Yoshi’s Trike” (MOR 3027), is a very large Triceratops specimen with nearly four foot long horn cores. Yoshi belongs  to yet an undescribed  Triceratops species “Ugrosaurus olsoni “, older than either Triceratops horridus or Triceratops prorsus but sharing intermediate characteristics of both*.

In life “Yoshi” was 3 metres at the hip and weighed 9.5 tonnes. It’s these little touches that makes Eofauna so beloved of collectors of accurate figures.

Dominant (Brown) and the Variant Cryptic (Blue)

Both come in polybags with horn protectors with Eofauna stats cards with the same beautiful artwork.

Length: 9.1/4 inches.

Height: 3.1/2 inches.

Scale: 1/35.

Both figures stand rock solid, no toppling issues etc.

A superb, compact modern body recreation of an active true life Triceratops. Both figures are sculpted with open mouths with exact detailing such as teeth and the openings to the nasal passages and the tongues are correctly held within the mouth. With the classical ceratopsian beaks.

Both “Yoshi’s” are posed in a sparring stance as though a younger bull is testing the herd’s old bull for any weaknesses. Never will you see such a pair of Trikes adorned with such an impressive a set of horns perfectly sculpted and in life a true terror for all the local tyrannosaurs and to tangle with 4 metres of keratin covered doom would be for the fool hardy or a veteran rex.

The nasal horns are as equally good on the money a shorter back profile with a longer forward facing straight profile. Nostrils are spot on with a double ridge of skin and now on towards the body’s dermal areas.

From the nostrils a ripple of skin processes radiating outwards in a more scaled mosaic pattern from the lower jaw to the tails end and sturdy powerful legs with fully detailed toes with correct toe numbers on each.

A triple fold of skin highlights a beautifully intelligent eye no old time slow moving rhino analogue here.

A more expertly detailed entire body you shall run your hand over from folds of skin on the entire body to variation of the scaling every detail pinpointed on these two figures.

The neck frill has the same texturing of scales with the leading edge enforced with keratin frill bosses.

Looking at the Colour Variations


Nasal horn and upper/ lower tips are of a rich dark chocolate.

Main horns, eye folds and side panels of the mouth are of a dark caramel cream with horn tips black.

Neck frill and horn bosses are the same chocolate as the beak.

The inside of the mouth is a rich dark pink with a dark wash and white teeth top/bottom.

Carefully placed is the dark orange pattern  placed at the leading edges of the neck frill.

A dark orange eye with a black pupil.

From lower throat downwards of the backs of front limbs and insides of the hind legs and under belly to the lower part of the tail all painted in dark brown broken up at the front with a rich dark ginger.

This same rich ginger covers the majority of upper torso and tail – excellent choice.

All toenails painted in a natural horn colour.

Eofauna Scientific Research dinosaur model "Dominant" Triceratops.
The Eofauna Scientific Research Triceratops dinosaur model – “Dominant”.


Nasal horn and upper/lower tips are of a  rich grey.

Main upper head and eye folds and side are of a dark chocolate with a dark yellow nasal panel with a wash over it.

Horns are of a dark grey fading into a caramel beige at the tips.

The neck frill’s base colour is a dark ginger with turquoise blue admixed through out, the frill bosses are dark brown.

The inside of the mouth is a rich dark pink with a dark wash and white teeth top/bottom.

The lower part of the jaw and throat and underbelly and tail are of a beige-cream with some dark chocolate stripes below the eyes and upper part of the lower jaw again a dark wash has been applied.

A vibrant orange eye with a black pupil.

From the shoulders to the middle of the back and then continuing onwards to the very tip of the tail a very rich brown covers this entire dermal area.

The flanks of the side are of a light ginger/tan.

All four legs are of a pale blue with a greyish dark wash applied, very eye catching this is more of an alpha male in all aspects.

All toenails painted in a natural dark horn colour.

Eofauna Triceratops (Cryptic).
The Eofauna Tricertops sp. model (Cryptic).

At this moment I wish to thank Sue and Mike and their entire team at Everything Dinosaur HQ.

We your customers/friends wish to thank you all for being the company we all respect.

Thank you for being our friends and thank you for being EVERYTHING DINOSAUR.

Team members at Everything Dinosaur thanked William for sending in his review. One point to make about the temporal range of this, as yet to be described Triceratops species,* – the fossils associated with this transitional form have been found in strata older than T. prorsus but younger than Triceratops horridus.

Thank you to William for sending into Everything Dinosaur this review.

William added:

“All Eofauna’s figures are available here from our good friends at EVERYTHING DINOSAUR.”

The Eofauna Scientific Research figures including the Triceratops models can be found here: Eofauna Scientific Research Models and Figures.

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