An Exclusive Kamuysaurus Scale Drawing

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Team members at Everything Dinosaur have commissioned a scale drawing of the Japanese duck-billed dinosaur Kamuysaurus (K. japonicus) as they await the arrival of the first batch of new for 2021 prehistoric animal models from CollectA.

Kamuysaurus scale drawing
A scale drawing of the hadrosaurid Kamuysaurus (K. japonicus) that was formally named and described in 2019. This Late Cretaceous duck-billed dinosaur is estimated to have measured around 8 metres in length and weighed 4 tonnes. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The scale drawing is being prepared to coincide with the arrival of CollectA models.

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Kamuysaurus japonicus – A Kamuysaurus Scale Drawing

Described as Japan’s best-known dinosaur by a number of media sources. This dinosaur was officially named and described back in 2019. CollectA have been planning a model of this Japanese dinosaur for some time, they have expressed an interest in expanding their replicas of Japanese dinosaurs since the introduction of Fukuiraptor and Fukuisaurus.

Kamuysaurus life reconstruction.
A herd of Kamuysaurus wander along a beach. Picture credit: Masato Hattori. The fossilised remains of a single individual dinosaur were found in marine sediments. These fossils were formally assigned to a new dinosaur species in 2019 (Kamuysaurus japonicus).

How Big was Kamuysaurus?

Although only known from a single specimen, the skeleton represents the most complete dinosaur fossil found in Japan. Scientists were able to assign Kamuysaurus to the Edmontosaurini clade within the hadrosaur subfamily the Saurolophinae.

Kamuysaurus is estimated to have reached a body length of around 8 metres and to have weighed 4 tonnes.

Palaeontologists who have studied the fossil material have suggested that Kamuysaurus is closely related to Kerberosaurus which was unearthed in Russia and Laiyangosaurus which is known from China. Kamuysaurus was named after the indigenous people of the island of Hokkaido, the trivial or species name refers to Japan. It translates as “the deity of Japanese dinosaurs”.

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